More impressions of the EXPO 2016 Antalya

More impressions of the EXPO 2016 Antalya

World Exhibitions or Expos's allow sharing new inventions, methods and ideas at international level for more than one hundred years. They provide a unique platform for international dialogue, public diplomacy and international cooperation.


Driven by the same goals, the EXPO 2016 Antalya does not only see itself as an international horticultural exhibition but rather as an event for the preservation and protection of the habitat of all people, according to include the exhibits and the grounds themselves to human habitat, which includes recreational and leisure belongings too (the open-air stage in the Expo site).


The picture shows the poster of an event with the band Simply Red this week.


Good signage in premises provide a clear overview of the various sections, nevertheless a certain planning of visiting areas of advantage is quite helpful, which is especially true for the events.


Almost mandatory on the grounds of the Expo events are the tree plantings of important personalities from politics and business.


Since the theme of  EXPO 2016 Antalya has chosen the motto "Flowers and Children" as the main theme, the play areas for children and "adolescents" have failed according generous.


In these buildings, the participating African countries took place to introduce each country-specific craftsmanship, some dressed in their traditional costumes and attract the visitors with dances, travel offers and cultural heritage in general.


As well different regions of Turkey exhibit at EXPO 2016 so there the typical patch work of a courtyard of a classical building in Antalya. Architecture that is being rediscovered .......


...... Or the typical Ibradi construction of stone houses. Ibradi, a village in the Taurus, located on a plateau not far from Antalya which is known for its Rahvan Horse Races.


From the mountains of the Taurus comes this mountain hut, the more interesting part is still in the original material of the 13th century when the hut was built.


Here the example of the window flap with its wooden nails still visible. A piece of jewelry, without any question.


A wide variety of seeds and seedlings of various plants documented the range of growing in the region types. The region around Antalya is extremely fertile and owns an enormous variety of plant species. Approximately one third of all plant species in Turkey is endemic. Most of these species live in the Taurus around Antalya.


A view to the exhibition pavilion of the City of Istanbul with its symbols as a living wall of plants.


A rest area with water games, at all large bodies of water will soon expand the park, currently empty.


A look down from the huge exhibition tower on the entrance pavilions and the bus station at the top of the screen; ever exhibition grounds will be connected to the network of Antalya by tram and bus lines in the future.


Through glass surfaces in the floor of the observation deck, the view of the huge floor mosaics opened on Tower terrain, which will probably be the symbol of the EXPO 2016 Antalya.


Here in the zoomed image you see details of the mosaic section ........


and the view from the bottom up to the observation deck. Take the advantage of your stay in Turkey to visit the EXPO site. Or, if you are caravan or camper and still looking for a location for the winter, come to Turkey. The EXPO 2016 Antalya will be open until October and you can stay afterwards for the winter.


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