Extension - Eye-catching and special - the CMT

Extension - Eye-catching and special - the CMT

In medicine, the term "extension" means the extension of a joint, if not hyperextension. In the hair industry, using the term "extension" often means adding lengthening hair pieces that are intertwined with your own hair.


Even in the caravan industry, the term appears increasingly. Thus, from a 2.3 meter wide vehicle by the mechanical displacement of the outer walls, suddenly 3.5 meters of interior space is possible or you win by opening the rear wall .... 


and corresponding fastening and sealing elements with tarpaulins an additional sleeping space.


Similar development in the expansion have long become common in the roof tent industry, so after opening the roof tent usually also a porch open or enlarged by adding more tarpaulins is possible.


In Hall 10, real travel exotics were offered, which, as shown in the picture, wants to bring the world to the North Pole, here aboard the world's largest icebreaker, the Poseidon. Pure Adventure.


Something more contemplative and homely is offered at the booth of "table and menues", whose motto for the .....


.... Theme year 2018 "Eating and drinking in castles, monasteries and castles" promises delicious meals.


With all the offers, however, another purpose of the holiday from daily monotony should not be forgotten, namely to find peace and relaxation, which you can enjoy almost anywhere, if you forget smart phone or tablet for a few days.

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