CMT discovery tour - Impressive development

CMT discovery tour - Impressive development

As our time permits, we also like to be carried away by the visitors in their current through the often narrow passages of the paths and corridors, again and again astonished and surprised at the same time, whether the variety of offers and possibilities. In the picture an interesting roof tent variation.

Although not new in its form, yet colorful as never before, the mini-caravan in egg or teardrop form is always up to date and surprising with little new details.


The view from the gallery shows the impressive range of vehicles in just one hall - after all, there are ten exhibition halls and countless other rooms.

Still a highlight and eye-catcher, the ultimate bike trailer with an inflatable tent by Gentle Tent from Vienna.

Then the weather surprised many outdoor exhibitors. Idyllic tent photo in the snow.


Here, replica vehicle housings are offered for marketing purposes.

The toilet system, which works without rinse water and liquid and solid are separated from the outset. Only a small hose opening for the moist exhaust air to the outside is necessary.

At the booth of this year's partner country Hungary the "InFusion Trio" from Budapest presents itself.

Here, too, the diversity of the trade fair is revealed - traditional spinning on a spinning wheel.

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