Historic racing cars at the campsite in Winchcombe

Historic racing cars at the campsite in Winchcombe

We were aware of an event by engine noises, which is probably to be described as typical English: despite the pouring rain, a group of racing fans gathered at the campsite in Winchcombe together with their vehicles.


Sure, the car has always been a sports device and especially during the early days of the automotive industry, the extremely high stress of the material, which the racing use brings with it, has contributed significantly to the technological development of the vehicles.


Today mostly just to be found in museums, the former Bolliden stand side by side, so you can also see the legendary racing machines in the Technik Museum Sinsheim, with which the greatest racing pioneers daredevil delivered automotive racing.


By contrast, how much more interesting and exciting is it to be able to hear or even touch the Bolliden with the 8 or 12 cylinder engines. Of course, our interest was aroused for a while when engineers were still experimenting instead of simulating like they do today.


Who remembers the incredible history of the Alfa Romeo Tipo 160 - when the Italians wanted to revolutionize Formula One? The 12-cylinder V12 180-degree engine with only 2.5 liters capacity was installed at the front, the driver sat on the rear axle.


However, we could only marvel at the vehicles, the engine noise still in our ears. Nostalgic moments or real feelings?


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