Duo Öykü Şensöz – Şeref Dalyanoğlu - Duo for Turkish Music

Duo Öykü Şensöz – Şeref Dalyanoğlu - Duo for Turkish Music

The musical culture that has existed and developed for thousands of years is still highly topical in Turkey today. Today's form of Turkish music is essentially shaped by the Ottoman culture, but also influenced by the Persian and Arabic culture.

The Turkish folk music in Anatolia shows regional, ethnic and religious differences in both the lyrics and the melody lines. Classical music, on the other hand, was cultivated in the courtyard during the Ottoman period and has similarities in style to European classical music.

Turkish Music Duo, Öykü Şensöz – Şeref Dalyanoğlu

oeykue 1There are fundamental differences to European music. These include the division of the tone scale, which is up to 1/9 and is 53 tones within an octave. This means that a large number of scales are mathematically possible, which are collectively called "Makam". The rhythm is more than just 3/4 and 4/4. Odd numbers like 5/8, 7/8 or 9/8 are very common. The different melody lines and embellishments often make the music sound "wrong" to western listeners. After listening for a while, however, this impression fades and if you allow it, a world of deserts, caravans and fragrant rose gardens awaits you, etc.

The duo for Turkish music, Öykü Şensöz - Şeref Dalyanoğlu, has specialized in this genre of music and they are now among the best Turkish musicians living in Germany. The concert will be accompanied by brief explanations of the content of the songs and descriptions of the instruments. Examples of songs and instrumental works from Turkish classical music as well as folk songs from some regions of Turkey will be presented.

Examples from Islamic music

oeykue 2Öykü Sensöz received her musical training in opera singing in Istanbul, followed by master's degrees in Salzburg and Nuremberg. Due to her birthplace Istanbul and her music-loving family, she came into contact with Turkish music at a young age. Thus she had the basis to connect the West-Eastern music culture.

Seref Dalyanoglu began with music first as an autodidact and later with training at the University of Istanbul (I.T.Ü.) with Serhan Aytan. The ud virtuoso is in demand as a musician, source of inspiration, bridge builder and consultant for many intercultural projects, where he now feels at home. In their concerts, the duo conveys the wonderful world of Turkish music, from the Sarai to the most remote places of the Anatolian steppes, examples from Islamic music to modern classical music and finally the Turkish tangos.

The occupation:

Öyku Şensöz – vocals

Şeref Dalyanoğlu – Ud, Tanbur, Saz (short- and long-necked lute) and percussion

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