Nicosia belongs to the Republic of Cyprus in its entirety under international law, but since the occupation of Northern Cyprus by Turkish armed forces and the proclamation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in November 1983, it has de facto no sovereignty over North Nicosia. Since then, the city has been divided by a "Green Line" (English Green Line, Turkish yeşil has), which is monitored by United Nations peacekeeping forces, the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP).
The almost five-kilometer-long Venetian fortress wall was built in 1567/1568 and encloses the old town in a star shape with eleven bastions. Five bastions are in the south (clockwise): Caraffa, Podocataro, Constanza, D'Avila, Tripoli, five in the north: Roccas (Turkish: Kaytazağa), Mula (Zahra), Quirini (Cephane), Barbaro (Musalla), Loredano ( Cevizli), the Flatro bastion (Sibeli) is finally divided, with border guards on both sides and a UN post.

Lefkosa - Nicosia - a still devided City

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Lefkosa - Nicosia - a still devided City

Within our project we visited Lefkosa / Nicosia, the still divided capital of Cyprus, which is at the same time and despite of that the largest city on the island of Cyprus with about 73,000 inhabitants.

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