Holiday fair CMT in Stuttgart from 14. - 22.01.2017

Holiday fair CMT in Stuttgart from 14. - 22.01.2017

The Tourism Fair CMT Stuttgart is the world's largest trade fair for tourism and leisure, and the international response is correspondingly high.

Already on the opening day on Saturday the organizers counted more than 70,000 visitors, which led to regular visitor flows in the aisles. In addition to the comprehensive information on new destinations, trends, equipment, camper and camping vehicles, which are often placed side by side as a direct comparison, the visitors will find comprehensive travel offers to distant destinations as well as destinations almost around the corner. The culinary offerings on or at the stalls, which are often a direct link to the region, are also very delicate and tasty. We are particularly pleased with the many ecological offers that cover the entire range today from the Streuobsthof (farming of collection of different, sometimes very old sorts of apple) to the ecologically influenced safari holidays.

However, the preparations for this year's edition of the world's largest tourism fair can also be seen as "a reflection of the unfortunately partly very chaotic world policy, which is not without traces in tourism". This is particularly true in regards of one of the top targets of recent years: Turkey! It is a pain for all the affected people, when our corresponding contacts talked about of an almost total collapse, which of course also means no more income for thousands formerly working in tourism which is completely broken away. But the Balkans, in particular Greece, considerably suffers from the shortcomings due to the refugee route, war and economic refugees who have crossed the Balkans, or still living in transit camps. In reality there are hardly no touch points between refugee and tourism routes, what in no case should mean not to deal with this problem. The respective tourist industry of the countries suffers greatly from this phenomenon, no question, because "The tourist is flexible, uses alternatives and is oriented to new destinations".

Individual tourism is a great opportunity to generate income and thus livelihood, which is directly attributable to the local population, which is urgently needed in many countries of the Balkans. So it is also very pleasing to see how much the interest of the traveler actually is in relatively close but young destinations like this year to Albania which actually is partner country of CMT.

Here is a lot of potential, which is also a motivation for the group of campers to visit relatively unknown Albania, the infrastructure of the country has improved significantly in the last two years, there are now a lot of campsites of good quality. Please visit the stand of Albania once during your fair tour. Author Karl May's bold protagonist Kara Ben Nemsi, who had explored this year's CMT partner country Albania in "Through the Land of Skipetaries" did know already about the mystery and culture.

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