From Herakleia Lynkestis to the Meteora monasters

From Bitola (Herakleia Lynkestis) to the Meteora monasteries

After an extensive visit of the ruins of the ancient Roman city Herakleia Lynkestis on Via Egnatia, now called Bitola, we crossed the border to Greece without any significant delays.


On the E65 we went to the modern version of the Egnatia Odos E90, many travelers know the highway from Igoumenitsa via Thessalonica to Alexandroupolis at the Turkish border, which we followed to Grevena in the direction of Igoumenitsa.


From there we followed the road 15, which little later took us a to the wonderful landscape at the Venetikos river, where we took a short break.


The Venetikos is a not so well known river in the north of the Greek mainland. The river flows through a beautiful low cliff of black rock conglomerate.


The Venetikos rises in the mountains of the northern Pindus mountains, which reach up to 2200 meters of height. But most of the water comes from a right tributary river, the Mileapotamos.


Shortly before the bridge crossing the Venetikos, there is a small car park (sometimes even a small rolling snackbar), which is also suitable for a small walk, especially as the landscape contributes to it.


The serpentines that follow in the course of the road are not entirely without difficulty, so the intermediate stop in the valley of the Venetikos can also be seen as a short break for the driver.


Over the mountainous road, on both sides, great views into the valleys are possible with slow driving, little later we arrived at another, almost already obligatory intermediate stop.


And as we can not wait to see, the warm welcome of the landlady at the fruit and vegetable garden has always caught our eye.


Quickly a juicy orange is cut open, which is distributed among us travelers, just a warm welcome.


So the stock of fresh fruit is replenished for a short time, the apples have given a special impression to us, but also the fresh strawberries.


When we show interest in their walnuts, a hammer is at hand with which the nuts are cracked.


A little later we reached our destination Camping Vrachos in Kastraki. After a short but hearty welcome, the vehicles are parked and fixed, so that we can take a short walk into Kastraki.

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