The monastery Church Andechs on top of monastery mountain

The monastery Church Andechs on top of monastery mountain

After our extensive exploration of the garden area in front of the Klosterberg with its sculptures and herb beds we made our way up the slope to the monastery hill.

On the way, some boards point to the ups and downs in the long monastic history, so that even the less knowledgeable visitors can have basic information about the ecclesiastical development history of the monastery, sure, when they read the boards and does not stray directly into the Bräustüberl, this well known pub next to the cloisture. The panels show details of the monastery's origins, the horrific religious wars of the Middle Ages (which unfortunately continue into the modern age) and important personalities of the monastery church, giving the visitor at least a rough overview.

Passing the Bräustüberl to courtyard of monastery church

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_deutschland_bayern_kloster-andechs-3.jpgOpposite the boards, the way leads into Bräustüberl, which leads into the huge beer garden. We had already passed the beer garden on the ascent. First, the way leads through a large archway, which, however, just guides to a small parking lot behind the monastery and on the way allows the view into the huge kitchen area. We turn back to the courtyard of the monastery. In the glazed courtyard between the monastery building and the church you will find a model of the monastery hill and its other buildings. Just a few meters away there is the monastery shop with the adjacent children's playground.

On the entire monastery grounds, there is not much peace and quietness as you may expect, especially on sunny weekends. It is not only overcrowded by tourists, but due to the huge beer garden it is more likely to face the loud, humid pleasure. Beer is brewed here in the monastery brewery.

For families, the combination of beer garden, where you can bring your own snack, and the adjacent playground is very pleasant. The opposite Klostergasthof is more noble and more expensive, but has a beautiful sun terrace.

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Place of pilgrimage and church - Klosterberg Andechs

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_deutschland_bayern_kloster-andechs-1.jpgBenedictine monks have been on duty for the pilgrimages to the monastery since 1455. They live according to the rules of St. Benedict, who likes to use the short formula "ora et labora - pray and work". On the Holy Mountain, the monastic community is involved in the pastoral care of pilgrims, in the parish pastoral care of the surrounding communities and in the management of the business enterprises, above all beer brewing.

As an asset, the monastery Andechs - in accordance with the charter of King Ludwig I - the income for the supply and maintenance of the abbey of St. Boniface in Munich and Andechs. It does not receive church tax. The Andechs Monastery finances the pastoral, social and cultural commitment of the abbey in Munich and Andechs with its income as an asset.

The richly with gold, stucco, figures and ceiling frescoed church should be viewed in any case, as well as the extensive collection of candles, even if we personally do not like the interior design of  a church with so much pomp and pride.

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Church construction - last remains of Gothic are still recognizable

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_deutschland_bayern_kloster-andechs-2.jpgThe gothic hall church of 1423/27 is accompanied to the north and south by low chapels. The main portal leads from the south through the vestibule into the church. To the west of it stands the - in the substructure square - tower of about 60 m height. The octagonal tower  with its onion dome and lantern dates from 1675. The actual church has a high pitched roof. The middle of the chapels of the south side (formerly Vöhlin, today Hedwigskapelle) was created two-storey and is completed by a tail gable with a small roof rider. Such a roof rider is also placed on the west gable of the church. In the north and east, the monastery buildings surround the church.

Of the former four Gothic pillar pairs, three were taken over in the reconstruction of the Rococo period. In place of the ribbed vault, flat domes span the room, whose medieval origins remain legible. The demolition of the two east pillars created space for the large choral fresco above the high altar "Andechser Heiligenhimmel". A gallery with pictures and texts of the history of Andechs runs around the interior in an animated line, possibly following the basic conception of the late-Gothic church. In the West, this treatment continues as organ loft.

The four ceiling frescoes by Johann Baptist Zimmermann in the nave show the "Andechser Heiligenhimmel", the Ascension of Christ, the pond Bethsaida and the "Celestial Concert of the Nine Choirs of the Angels", high above the organ gallery.

We felt the extensive walk down to the town of Herrsching through wonderful deciduous forest and back up to the camper stop as much more interesting. But that is probably just our point of view.

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