Hiking Botanical Garden Augsburg

Hiking Botanical Garden Augsburg

colourful environment for "Engelstaedter's Rock meets Classic"

We had followed the invitation of a local bank, who had once again invited to an evening concert, this evening it was "Engelstaedter's Rock meets Classic", in the botanical garden of Augsburg in glorious sunshine.

A good opportunity, in addition to the music, to visit the botanical garden in all its blooming splendour. So we made our way to the botanical garden of Augsburg in the early afternoon.

botanical garden augsburg 1The green areas in the city of Augsburg amount to more than 3,000 hectares, which makes up around 1/5 of the total area of Augsburg. So we can rightly speak of a green city. The two forest areas of the Siebentischwald near the city and the Haunstetter Wald alone amount to 1,580 hectares and, due to their extent and the popular Kuhsee as well as the Lech and Wertachauen, offer ideal conditions for local recreation for pedestrians and cyclists. If that's not enough for you, you can easily extend your leisure tours into the western forests, which are accessible via a dense network of cycle, walking and horseback riding trails. The Siebentischwald connects the city center with the surrounding forests via the 27-hectare Siebentischpark, and you can reach the great outdoors from the green city center in a short time. The Augsburg Zoo and the botanical garden are directly connected to the Siebentisch Park, which is frequented by the citizens of Augsburg and the city's guests due to its ponds, canals, playgrounds and restaurants.

Botanical Garden in Augsburg

botanical garden augsburg 2Part of these green areas is also the botanical garden of at least ten hectares, which we enter from the large car park on Siebentischstrasse. For this afternoon, the park is reserved for the concert visitors of the event "Engelstaedter's Rock meets Classic", so we show our invitation in the entrance area. The first attractions can be admired immediately after the gate. Spherical rubies line the path, which through 8 themed gardens on the right is reminiscent of the state garden show of 1985, which was created at the time under the motto "Green in the city as a living space". So you get expertly designed examples under the aspect "stones and perennials", "residential and roof garden", "seating place under pergola" or a "paradise garden" as suggestions for your own home garden.

botanical garden augsburg 3Magnificent rose gardens with 280 types and varieties of roses, a large apothecary's garden with a variety of herbs, the farmer's garden with countless kitchen plants, and a large Japanese garden as a real attraction are on the way.

The tour we chose led past 450 types and varieties of trees and more than 1200 varieties of perennials, wild herbs, grasses and ferns, on paths with different coverings ranging from concrete slabs, from gravel to bark mulch and along water surfaces with the corresponding Growth of irises, cattails and water lilies and along the Spitalbach flowing through the area, shortly after every bend there are new impressions and colours.

botanical garden augsburg 6The organic garden was of particular interest to us, as the beds laid out here showed a multitude of suggestions that private garden owners can use for their own areas at home. Organic vegetable cultivation is clearly conveyed using practical examples, and composting to obtain natural fertilizers is shown. Also fascinating were the large areas of wildflower meadows, which impressively put the boring, only green lawns in the "shadow" with their colourful splendour. Great examples for smaller gardens that are easy to care for and so colourful that are good for the eye. There is even a corner with dye plants, which clearly shows how you could dye your textiles before chemical dyes were used.

Also very interesting is the wide range of medicinal plants in the so-called apothecary's garden, which clearly shows native and domestic medicinal and spice plants on an area of 250 m². This garden, which was created in close cooperation with Augsburg pharmacists and the Bavarian Chamber of Pharmacies, is regularly used for guided tours by interested guests. In addition to the names of the plants, their healing properties are also given on display boards.

"Engelstaedter's Rock meets Classic"

botanical garden augsburg 4It is easy for us to imagine the botanical garden changing with the seasons, the color impressions will always change and thus offer new impressions at any time. It's about time for us to head towards the lake shore to the rose pavilion, where a large number of visitors have already gathered and have taken their seats around the pavilion building.

After a short introduction to the evening program, the concert "Engelstaedter's Rock meets Classic" begins on time, a musically colourful cross-section of rock and pop history from the early 1970s to the present day, which, in addition to the obligatory instruments of rock music such as Guitar, drums and organ are supported here by classical instruments such as cello, violin and viola.

botanical garden 5Markus Engelstädter enters the stage after a first instrumental piece. His incredibly versatile voice actually covers four octaves, as the presenter had already announced. His show is dynamic, energetic and highly emotional from the first to the last minute. Hold back a bit at first, but then after the break the very mixed audience here in the rose garden reacts to the music of the singer and entertainer Markus Engelstädter. He manages to lure the Augsburgers present out of their reserve. In addition to some classics of music history such as John Miles "Music" or Prince "Purple Rain", Engelstädter also brings some of his own compositions that inspire the audience. A colourful dance through pop music, accompanied by classical instruments, which sometimes seemed a bit suppressed.

At the end of the program, two applause-filled encores close the glorious summer evening in the botanical garden in Augsburg. Colours and smells will be remembered for a long time alongside the sound of the music. A beautiful evening.

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