Bremen Flea Market - Browse for treasures and bargains

Bremen Flea Market - Browse for treasures and bargains

Our motivation to the open air together with the interest in the visit of a flea market had forced us to go out, so we walked through the already described row houses in the direction of flea market near the Bremen airport together with Laura.

Once again, we could just admire the architecture and the design of the small garden spots, found an incredible number of bicycles in the front gardens, so that once again it became clear how important the bike is in relation to local traffic in Bremen.

The number of flea markets that attracted thousands of visitors during the year at the various locations in Bremen is quite astonishing. Thus, bargain hunters and friends of strolling and browsing in Bremen can look for treasures all year round on the flea markets. In the spring and summer the sales stands are built up on the pasture. In autumn and winter, the Hansa Carré will be the  place to buy and search.

Every Sunday from 4 o'clock in the morning the bustling activity on the flea market starts. Whilst the salespeople have to take their stands at the latest by eight o'clock, while the real bargain hunters have already been on the scene; visitors can find their way until 2 o'clock, search for rarities and discover special features.

The flea market on Bürgerweide you will find directly behind the Bremen main train station and has been enthusing visitors for more than 20 years already. Thanks to its central location, it attracts numerous traders and rummers every year in the spring and summer on the large area in front of the exhibition center Bremen. Up to 600 sales stands offer useful and curios, modern and antique. If the flea market collides with other events on the pasture, the happening is transferred to the Hansa Carré.

Here the flea market takes place regularly during the colder seasons. At the end of the Osterdeich on the corner of Pfalzburger Straße, a spacious covered area below the parking deck offers plenty of space for strolling and discovering treasures from September to April.

Our way was to bring us to the flea market at the shopping center Real, which we could easily reach on foot. And as expected, there were numerous interesting objects for sale at reasonable prices, but of course also countless, not for sale bulky waste, but who can tell if it really is bulky waste. A sales attempt is worth every object.

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