Christmas market - something different in Bremen!

Christmas market - something different in Bremen!

Once again, various dates take us up to the north, this time we go as far as the Hanseatic cities of Bremen and Hamburg.

When we were able to arrange a short visit to Bremen city center with our already known "city guide" Laura, the short trip to the Bremen Christmas market was quickly arranged over the phone, which then also included the somewhat unusual concept of a "Bremen Christmas market". in connection with the battle spell. But more on that in a moment.

Christmas market at the Bremen market square, Bremer Roland and the Domshof

bremen weihnachtsmarkt 003As in many cities, a Christmas market with stalls and stalls will be set up in Bremen at the end of November around the Bremen market square, the Bremer Roland and the Domshof. This is how a city of around 200 stalls is created every year, which, in addition to all sorts of Christmas decorations in every conceivable shape and form, primarily ensure the physical well-being of the guests. Visitors – young and old – will find a fantastic atmosphere at the Bremen Christmas market with fairy lights, candlelight and torchlight as well as many traditional and cultural attractions. With its hand-carved nativity scenes and Christmas pyramids, the Christmas market sets the mood for the upcoming festive season in an unforgettable way. The fun itself isn't neglected either, as there are countless rides, tents and sales halls. The historic city centre will be filled with life again between November 28th and December 23rd.

We park the car just outside the historic old town and cross the Weser via Langemarckstraße, then choose the route through the city centre to Rathausplatz. Immediately the unusual “attention” is back: in Bremen people pay more attention to fast cyclists than to drivers. Cyclists are clearly the greater accident potential here.

This scent alone lingers in the nose for a long time

bremen weihnachtsmarkt 001The “Historic Christmas Market Bremen” takes place every year against the backdrop of the Old Town Hall, in the Gothic and Weser Renaissance style, and is considered one of the most beautiful in the country. Directly opposite are the Schütting and the Bremen Roland. To the right and left are the Bremen Cathedral and the famous bronze sculpture of the Bremen Town Musicians. A magical village of festively decorated stands is created all around, increasing the anticipation of Christmas. Including some stands that are offering their products for the first time in Bremen. Whether handicrafts, chocolates, woollen goods or candles, the Christmas market offers the expected 1.5 million visitors plenty of inspiration for the so-called festival of love. This means we are quickly integrated into the colourful market events.

Originally the Christmas market was only located on the market square between the town hall, cathedral and Bremen Roland. Over time, the area was expanded to include the Domshof, the areas around the Liebfrauenkirche (Bremen) and the immediately adjacent part of Obernstraße, the Hanseatenhof, Ansgarikirchhof and, in 2004, the medieval-looking Schlachtezauber. Opening hours are daily from 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., Sundays from 11 a.m. The dismantling takes place on the evening of December 23rd, so visitors on December 24th are often surprised by the empty market square, which then lacks the Christmas atmosphere. The tour takes us around the town hall, a treat here, a taste there and wonderful scents everywhere that tempt you to snack. We are fascinated by the fried apple quarters, which are sprinkled with cinnamon and served with vanilla sauce in a large ice cream cone. This scent alone lingers in the nose for a long time.

Meet the Bremen Town Musicians in person

bremen weihnachtsmarkt 004No Christmas market without Santa Claus, that also applies to Bremen: every day at 3:30 p.m. he reads a story on the stage of the Christmas market calendar at the Hanseatenhof. He also already has presents with him. Anyone who recites a poem or sings a song can certainly impress Santa Claus and the audience.

Anyone who would like to meet the Bremen Town Musicians in person has the opportunity to do so every day at 5 p.m. Then the fairy tale will be performed by actors from Theater Interaktiwo at the Hanseatenhof. Every afternoon, at a fixed time, small surprises are handed out, with members of the Bremen citizenship asked to help. Participants often include musicians and actors from the Ernst Waldau Theater.

bremen weihnachtsmarkt 002After strengthening ourselves a little with a hot pea soup from the goulash cannon, we head back towards the Weser to the Weser promenade through the Schlachte-Zauber. We had to admit that we had never heard of it before, but were even more surprised that it transitioned from the Christmas market into the Schlachte magic almost immediately. Countless performances about history, winter and maritime life can be admired here. Traditional Bremen crafts are artfully presented and in the medieval taprooms of the historic “buccaneer village of the Fogelvreien”, visitors can get in the mood for the blue hour with invigorating dishes and specialties such as fried meat and fish as well as hot cocktails. There are a variety of interesting offerings ranging from wooden products, pottery to ropes. Plus, the great costumes of the market stall operators in their medieval clothing.

At first it's a bit surprising whether the connection between the maritime medieval market and the Christmas market can fit. The increasing flow of visitors towards the afternoon clearly spoke in favor of the concept. Some visitors had already snuggled up in warm blankets and waited for things to come. At dusk the battle is bathed in a fairytale blue light.

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