Christmas market Hattingen - historic old town as a silhouette

Christmas market Hattingen - historic old town as a silhouette

Hattingen's old town with its almost 150 medieval half-timbered houses is a popular year-round destination, not just when the historic Christmas market is taking place.

After visiting the Christmas markets in Vienna, we also wanted to use our presence in North Rhine-Westphalia during the pre-Christmas period to spend a few hours in the really picturesque surroundings of the old town of Hattingen. It quickly became apparent that Hattingen with its nostalgic Christmas market is certainly also a worthwhile destination. This rather tranquil Christmas market welcomes its guests until December 22nd of this year. After our visit this evening, Hattingen is one of the most atmospheric Christmas markets in Germany for us!

People like to stroll through the romantic half-timbered streets of the historic old town of Hattingen, met "Frau Holle" on her daily way through the city to the Old Town Hall to open one of the 24th windows of the Advent calendar in the evening. The huge Advent calendar at the facade of the old town hall makes children's eyes shine - so the city offers medieval flair and winter idyll (even without snow) between the Ruhr area and the Bergisches Land. Christmas songs are sung, stories related to daily life are read out and sometimes golden coins trickles down onto the sub-market.

The old town of Hattingen - unique ensemble of history

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_deutschland_nordrhein-westfalen_weihnachtsmarkt-hattingen-2.jpgWith her ancient clothes, Ms. Holle perfectly fits into the ambience of the medieval town center of Hattingen. In addition to the old town hall, numerous historic buildings bring the more than 600-year history of the city to life: from the partially preserved city wall to the “Kemnade” moated castle, built in the 17th century to the “iron” house from 1611, which takes its name from its idiosyncratic It owes its shape and now houses the city's local history museum.

The symbol of Hattingen - the St. George's Church - dates back to before the city came into being in 1396. The curious thing about this church, which was built in the 13th century in the Romanesque style: the church tower was intentionally erected at an angle. Why? There are various myths surrounding this question. One explanation says that the nave would have been spared even if the tower had collapsed. One theory says that the builders intentionally "leaned" the tower to the southwest and thus against the wind. Around this leaning tower an ensemble of around 150 well-preserved and restored half-timbered houses forms one of the most beautiful old towns in Germany. In its original unity, it is unique in Westphalia-Lippe. In this cozy atmosphere of historical squares and winding old town alleys, around 90 different stands and little shops with handicrafts and delicacies invite you to stroll through the Christmas market.

Cinnamon and mulled wine scent - unmistakable signs of the historic Christmas market

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_deutschland_nordrhein-westfalen_weihnachtsmarkt-hattingen-1.jpgIt smells of cinnamon, mulled wine and roasted almonds. Thousands of lights bathe the old town of Hattingen in a cozy light. In addition to the traditional Feuerzangenbowle, you should definitely try the "Hattinger Kirschtraum". In addition, the festively decorated steam carousel from 1898 makes children's eyes shine. Choirs and music groups encourage you to sing along with classic Christmas carols. The fairy tale street and a nativity scene complete the Christmas mood perfectly. In addition to the Christmas market, there is an art market in the St. Georgs-Viertel, where local and national artists, designers and creative people present their self-made works. Wish lists are read, gifts are packed, children are given presents - during the Advent and Christmas season, the Christ child, Santa Claus and Knecht Ruprecht have their hands full of duties.

This nostalgic Christmas market in the historic old town of Hattingen will take place for the 45th time in 2019. On the church square, visitors can discover stalls with handicrafts, a wide range of culinary offerings, from almond candy and Christmas biscuits to Austrian cheese and sausage products and specialties from the Schultenhof to various types of mulled wine as well as a fairytale forest for the children. Experience gastronomy rounds off this area. A French market will be visiting the Krämersdorf, where you will find traditional handicrafts, cheese and sausage specialties as well as fine wines and fine liqueurs. The supporting program includes the cribs and figure exhibition of Christmas figures from all over the world.

But check for yourself, Hattingen is closer than expected.

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