Paulinenpark and church bell garden in Apolda

Paulinenpark and bell garden in Apolda

Anyone who, like us, initially thinks that in Apolda there are only bluebells, wool cabbage and perhaps the best Thuringian bratwurst, is at least partially factually wrong, but thematically exactly right for the greenery in the city.

The Paulinenpark at the GlockenStadtMuseum, which is divided into three parts, provides insights into the resounding history of the city with its newly created apple farm, terraced and bell garden.

GlockenStadtMuseum and Apolda Avantgarde

apolda paulinenpark 2The spacious landscape park with old trees towards the train station invites you to stroll and make further discoveries.

With the “Apolda Avantgarde” art house, art and culture are just a bell away and so we are already looking forward to the reopening with pictures by Marc Chagall.

So, go to Apolda and discover the Paulinenpark with its old trees and inviting, shady places.

The sunny terraced garden and the orchard with old apple varieties will delight you with its wonderful view of the Luther Church.

A system of paths was created on the approximately 3.8-hectare area that allows you to access the terraced garden barrier-free.

Paulinenpark in Apolda – but why Pauline

apolda paulinenpark 3This means you can move there comfortably with a stroller or as a wheelchair user.

You can find peace and quiet on numerous benches, enjoy the green oasis on Bahnhofstrasse and watch the children play in the playground.

From Paulinenpark you have direct access to the bell garden with the oldest bell from the 13th century in the historic GlockenStadtMuseum.

The name “Paulinenpark” can be traced back to Ms. Pauline Brandes.

Born in Apolda in 1850 as the daughter of the knitwear manufacturer Franz Kreiter, the naming honours her social commitment in the city over 100 years ago. In addition to charitable institutions at the community school, she was involved in two foundations for needy residents.

Franz Kreiter was co-owner of the knitting company "Chr. Zimmermann & Sohn" and acquired the building and land of today's GlockenStadtMuseum in 1860. After his death, Pauline inherited it, who lived there until 1924.

Events in Paulinenpark and in the museums

apolda paulinenpark 4From the 19th century onwards, magnificent villas with spacious private gardens were built along Bahnhofstrasse.

Even today, the pride of the citizens of that time - mostly knitters - is visible when strolling through the city.

The city then acquired the building and the former property of the Kreiter / Brandes family was incorporated into the park area as part of the realization of the 2017 State Garden Show.

Many events take place in Paulinenpark throughout the year - the Theater im Pavillon event series is just one of them.

In summer, cabaret is presented in the small pavilion, which can be reached via the park entrance next to the GlockenStadtMuseum. Musicians, actors and cabaret artists delight their audiences every Sunday at 3 p.m. for a month and a half.

apolda paulinenpark 5The Paulinenpark is also one of many stages for the “Fête de la musique” on June 21st every year. Apolda takes part in the event, which takes place every year at the beginning of summer in more than 540 cities worldwide.

While the 1st Apolda Stitch Festival was about knitting socks, the 2nd Apolda Stitch Festival on May 8, 2022 was in demand for scarves, shawls and jewellery, which were presented and sold that Saturday.

The good pieces didn't necessarily have to be knitted - crocheting, knitting, felting, dyeing... (almost) everything is allowed.

apolda paulinenpark 6Visit the GlockenStadtMuseum Apolda and the art house “Apolda Avantgarde” in Wilhelminian style buildings and then relax in the park.

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