Via Egnatia on foot - Marietta van Attekum & Holger de Bruin

Via Egnatia on foot

A new book has been published on Via Egnatia, the 2000 year old Roman road to Istanbul, former Constantinopel.

The writers walked this road several times, with an international company of people and donkeys, as the caravans of old times. They did a lot of research and with Via Egnatia Foundation organized conferences with archaeologists and historians of the region. The book reflects this thorough approach.

There is not only a route description with practical guidelines, but there are extensive digressions into history and culture. What has this old road lived and seen? Whose footsteps are imprinted here? Who are the people who have lived here and who live here now? The road as a mirror of history.

As a hiker you will pass the remains of Roman stations, palaces and mosaics, mosques and churches, bathhouses and milestones. There are remains of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman period. Walking through a surprisingly varied landscape you will dive into the unknown and rich history of the Balkans. The book will guide you through past and present.

The hospitable people of the Southern Balkans will welcome you warmly on this intercultural pilgrimage.
For those who do not walk there are guidelines how to reach the highlights of Via Egnatia by car and eventually walk a small part of it.

‘Via Egnatia on foot, a journey into history’
256 pages, English
Full colour, richly illustrated, with detailed topographical maps
GPS track available with the book
Price: 22 €
Purchasing this book you will support Via Egnatia Foundation.
Via Egnatia Foundation



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