Crossing Lake Koman by car ferry

Crossing Lake Koman by car ferry

Once again we were lucky, because shortly after the ferry had departed from the pier at Lake Koman, the so far gray rain clouds spread and opened the view to the Albanian Alps, what a sight!


While traveling, our view moved to some small farmhouses, which were mostly abandoned. The colors of the leaves were looking beautiful now in autumn.


A series of more than 2,000 meters high mountains of the Albanian Alps lay in front of us, where our route has to pass through narrow gorges, looking similar to the fjords of Norway.


The Koman lake is up to 96 meters deep and stretches about 34 kilometers to the finish line at the end of the lake, a route which the ferry can do in about 2.5 hours.


We came closer and closer to the probably narrowest passage, which was less than 50 meters wide, with almost perpendicular rock walls to the right and left.


It is always overwhelming what nature, in this case the flow of the river Drin, is able to create, from changes in the surface to completely new directions.


Once really narrow, then suddenly the canyon expands, opens the view onto autumn forests first, .......


......, then you can even see fields that are cultivated by local farmers.


Then we meet a group of farmers who transport their products to the edge of the bank by donkeys and in big bags, to be transport into the town by ferry.


A little later, the passenger ferry already arrives, just in time in Albanian. It is certainly a life rich in deprivation, which the farmers here live in seclusion. Whether they are more unfortunate people still remains open.


And again, the canyon-shaped mountains closes the view. What would be expected? In any case, the sky is drawing back to gray and it is noticeably getting cooler.


With the berth we have reached our destination. In addition to our small ferry, the previous model of the big ferry is ready to be slaughtered. The new ferry, which is only used in summer, conveys modern standards.


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