Exploratory hiking in Galičica Mountains National Park

Exploratory hiking in Galičica Mountains National Park

The Galičica Mountains rises in southwestern Macedonia between the Ohrid and Prespa lakes. Its ridge runs approximately north-south direction, starting near the town of Ohrid to the Albanian border where it passes south through the mountain range in Mali i Thate.


After an initial exploration with the writer Misho Yuzmeski we were now again gone into the Galičica Mountains above Ohrid, the vehicle then had been parked at an abandoned house and our first trail H1 - H3 started.


We had already announced our surprise, to find an elaborate system of hiking and mountain bike trails that allows tours systematically arranged and provided with plans without a guide.


We were surprised about the numerous abandoned houses, pointing to the great problems of rural depopulation, not at least, there is little infrastructure for the remaining residual residents, even if the idyllic garden fence may hide the problems.


What is also reflected in the natural bloom on the roadside


This sheep or goat pen at least seemed to be still in use, although far and wide not a soul was to be seen .


A rhizome, whose stem is probably like a storm victim, or should someone ......


Signposts everywhere, so it was easy to stay on the tour.


Far we did not have to go to find ourselves in a natural setting, where, despite our objective was coming closer, the beetle did not even interfere in their activities.


What, moreover, what was the same with the butterfly. We are not biologists but we were still fascinated by the variety and colors of the insects and the flowers. The region is known for more than 200 endemic species.


Are words necessary?


Signposted in this way, hiking is no problem even for beginners. There were plenty of signposts on the road, so that's almost precluded going wrong. It was a wonderful first tour in the Galicica Mountain National Park and it is surprising that this idyll is not frequented much more. With little financial commitment ancient stone houses here could be restored and offered as accommodation facilities for hikers. For this, the necessary infrastructure should be worked on for sustainable tourism and also the problem of migration weight would be less difficult to carry.

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