Sources of Lake Ohrid - Sveti Naum at Green Oasis

Sources of Lake Ohrid - Sveti Naum at Green Oasis

We had already reported about the sailing to the ancient monastery Sveti Naum during our short trip around Lake Ohrid, where we passed the ice-cold stream of spring water of Cherava river flowing into Lake Ohrid and give the impression of really cold water, despite high summer temperatures.


The entire mountain range of the Galicica Mountain National Park along with the city of Ohrid is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so are the park like spring waters of Sveti Naum. One huge sign board illustrates the icy wetland. We were surprised a lot, when we read that the German KfW bank institute had done a great support here.


Even hiking and mountain biking trails had been funded by the KfW in the Galicica National Park. It is too bad that there locally there is so little evidence of the tour.


Even the locals do not know much of the treasures right on their doorstep. The small Cherava River, which is responsible for this biotope, derives from Albania


Two other inflows, the Koselska- and Velgoska River, ensure that the seawater of Ohrid is approximately replaced every 70 years completely.


Next to the rivers the slightly higher Lake Prespa contributes to the water balance of Lake Ohrid. By the help of underground connections Lake Prespa drained into Lake Ohrid.


Boat tours are offered on the flat waters of Cherava, leading almost to the border with Albania. It is very pleasant to feel the shadow of the trees in the summer heat.


Amidst the biotope there is a large, also flat island, which is used as a restaurant. On the open space, which is surrounded by tall trees, there is music and dancing alongside you enjoy from a variety of culinary dishes, and within of course the famous Ohrid trout .


Wooden bridges are partially built into the river and spring water, so that you can virtually sit above the flowing water. The pleasant coolness of the river and the spring water here also had prompted us to a small stopover.


The flow and thus the amount of water that flows into Lake Ohrid here is already huge. Everywhere it bubbles in the river and out of the ground, a particularly pleasant atmosphere that is to experience here.

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