Seher´s Chocolate Dream Cookies

Chocolate Dream Cookies

There will be adventure in this weekend at the Manavgat-Adventure Park! The groups, who want to participate in trekking on Saturday and Sunday, are going to spend an amazing weekend in the Taurus Mountains. The ones who want to stay in the park, will jump from one thing to the other to the climbing section and probably consume quite a lot of energy.

We have not decided yet what to do, but our staff could be split into two separate groups. We will exhibit our photographs in the park and answer the questions about our journey along the Roman road. In company with a professional guide, trekking will be very entertaining and informative. One of our friends has to attend because we will have a chance to take snapshots of wonderful views during trekking.

While I was busy with thinking  all of these, an idea of using the bitter chocolates as cookies popped into my mind and I checked the ingredients in the house. Since I did not need much ingredient, I began to prepare chocolate dream cookies immediately. One way of regaining the energy that was consumed at the end of the day, must be my bitter chocolates.

Drip coffee and chocolate dream will be perfect with each other.  The ones who like both of them, should check the ingredients.


1 egg

2 tablespoons yoghurt

½ cup granulated sugar

2.5 cup flour

3 tablespoons margarine (softened at room temperature)

½ packet baking soda

1 packet vanilla

Bitter chocolate (as much as you wish...)

First of all, in a bowl, beat the egg and sugar well enough, then add the yoghurt and continue to beat. I have always heard that while preparing cake, the more you beat the egg and sugar, the more cake tastes good. In that case, probably this is effective for the cookie dough, too.

Later on, add the softened margarine and one cup of flour. When flour is mixed, put the baking soda and vanilla in the second cup of flour and add this blend to the dough. Slowly pour the last half cup of flour and knead the dough properly.

While preparing the cookie dough, I prefer to sift the flour because it gives beautiful and thin visual to the mixture. Of course, rather than its visual, sifting prevents the dough from getting lumpy. Also, it helps to knead and puff.

If your dough is ready, take out the bitter chocolate, which is kept in the fridge, and split it into little pieces with a knife. It might be hard to cut chocolate with the knife and you may want to use chocolate chips, but while trying to make chocolate smaller, some part of it turns into powder and that gives a nice color to the dough. For this reason, if you use chocolate chips, rasp a little piece of chocolate into dough in order not to devoid of this color.

The dough with chocolate chips must be collapsed from exhaustion. Pull off random pieces from the dough and put them on the parchment-lined cookie sheet. Then, bake them in the preheated oven to 180 degrees. 20 minutes is enough for frying the top of the cookies.

After cooling, decorate the cookies with powdered sugar arbitrarily.

Do not forget to prepare tea or coffee...

Bon Appetit.



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