Animal welfare: Mistreatment be punished with high fines!

Animal welfare: Mistreatment be punished with high fines!

We have already reported several times about the sometimes absolutely disrespectful behavior of people towards animals in Turkey, only recently about the shooting of the Anatolian leopard, before that about almost extensive poisoning of stray dogs and cats, the cropping of ears and tails of dogs and that too more properly termed 'slaughter', killing of animals during religious celebrations.

Finally, the legislature had also dealt with the issue and set drastic penalties and fines for animal cruelty. The Ministry of Forestry and Water Management is responsible for animal welfare and can impose fines of between US$ 800 and 7,000 for violations of animal welfare regulations. In addition, viewers should be further sensitized to the topic of animal welfare by means of TV programs.

Owners who crop the tails or ears will be fined

leopard 2In the future, dog owners who crop the tails or ears of their four-legged protégés are to be fined 1,825 TL, around €65 at the current exchange rate. Should there be acts on animals that could contribute to the extinction of an animal species, the new administrative regulations provide for fines of up to 15,226 TL, more than 530 €.

The fines were introduced in 2014. A total of 21 types of abuse are listed in the administrative regulations, including surgical interventions by people without veterinary certificates. The killing of strays or weak animals as well as the exploitation of animals in non-scientific experiments should also be severely punished. This included the removal of organs and animal parts without medical necessity.

Businessmen provide food and water for stray animals

While at the beginning of the discussions about animal protection, which has been neglected in Turkey, it was mostly foreign settlers who took care of stray dogs, castrating cats or opening animal shelters, in 2012 a party was even founded that is dedicated to committed to animal welfare. Awareness is progressing, albeit in small steps. We know good examples of animal welfare from Izmir, where businessmen provide food and water for stray animals, where dogs and cats are neutered, vaccinated and released again, in short, where local residents take care of themselves.

schnee leopard 3In addition to these positive examples, however, there are still activities that are sometimes even ordered by the authorities. As part of animal protection, in the future they also want to include television, so the state TV station TRT is to broadcast educational programs on the subject of animal rights for at least two hours a month. In this way, a certain animal protection awareness is to be implemented for the viewers. A further step via religion and thus the teachers or preachers would be much easier and more effective: the sermons and speeches should contain "respect for life"!

The incident with the Anatolian leopard alone showed that the people in the villages in particular need to be informed much more. Here, explanations with references to the positive effects of an intact environment with a corresponding animal population are of the greatest importance. In fact, tons of poison are sprayed every year against insect infestation, but nobody has the courage to finally protest against the wanton and mass shooting of birds by "Sunday hunters".

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