Having Accident or Getting Sick in a Foreign Country

Sick in a Foreign Country

Accident in a foreign country: In the case of an accident or illness in a foreign country lots of holiday travellers are helpless because they do not know the language or national culture which can be surprising to them.

However, most hospitals at the seaside resorts now have staff who can speak different languages to help people. Having said that it could be helpful to take the telephone numbers of one of the well-know automobile clubs of your homeland. Most of them they have close contact with Turkish automobile clubs and have some people available who understand the language and can often offer special services such as official translators or insurance agents in case of accident or illness.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to contact your local automobile club to inquire about their services when you are travelling to Turkey. They offer complete routes and maps, saying which roads are the best, which technical equipment or paperwork you might need and much more useful information.

Becoming ill while traveling in a foreign country can be frightening, but if you are well prepared before you leave home, that is not really frightening.

Check your health insurance coverage with your provider whether or not you are covered while traveling abroad.
If you're only covered domestically, you may wish to consider purchasing a short-term health insurance policy.
There are short-term policies specifically designed to cover travel, too. You can ask for advices on medical care while traveling.
Be sure to have your health insurance identification card and a claim form with you while traveling.
Write down the phone number and location of your embassy nearest you.
Be sure to complete the information page on the inside of your passport, providing numbers for your family doctor and an emergency contact.
Lists of English-speaking foreign doctors can be obtained from the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers.
Take all your prescriptions with you in their original bottles, along with a copy of the prescription in case you lose or run out of your medication.
Pack a Travelers' Health Kit in your luggage, filled with basic first aid items.


Ambulance – information service

The fastest and most secure way to get in contact with someone who can help and understand you is on the hotline of your automobile club or insurance at home. Usually, at least during the holiday high season, they will have a direct line for contacting them.
They can then find a suitable hospital or doctor who is able to speak your language and can be reached quickly.
To cover unexpected costs, it is always quite helpful to have extra holiday insurance based on the land you are traveling to or passing through.

In case of emergency this special holiday insurance should also cover the costs for taking you home, which is not included in the normal insurance.

For travel insurance, there are many companies offering the service. The important thing to remember is to make sure they offer the level of cover you require.


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