“Het Rembrandthuis” museum in Amsterdam

“Het Rembrandthuis” museum in Amsterdam

Rembrandt's works were also a destination on our tours through Amsterdam. However, anyone who thinks that the large, well-known works of the important Baroque painter,

such as "The Night Watch" or one of his famous portraits, are exhibited in the museum "Het Rembrandthuis" will quickly find out when they visit that this museum is about a whole another facet of Rembrandt's artistic work.

20 years of Rembrandt's work in the Jodenbreetstraat

rembrand hus museum 04The museum's extensive collection consists primarily of a significant number of etchings made by the great Dutchman Rembrandt. 260 of the master's 290 known works from this art genre can be found in the collection. Old prints and printing plates are also part of the museum equipment and of course numerous other works. As a well-known painter of his time, Rembrandt had numerous students, whose works can also be admired here in the “Het Rembrandthuis” museum.

Rembrandt lived and worked on Jodenbreetstraat in Amsterdam for almost 20 years. Today you can discover in his house what came of it and how it came about. When Rembrandt van Rhijns bought the house in 1639, he was already one of the most famous Dutch painters of his time and a celebrated star of the Amsterdam art scene.

The painter had to move out while he was still alive

rembrand hus museum 0119 years later, however, there was not much of its former glory left and Rembrandt had to move out of his house as a result of bankruptcy. In the following centuries the building fell into disrepair and was almost demolished. It is only thanks to its famous former resident that it has been preserved to this day. In 1906, the city of Amsterdam bought the house and handed it over to the Stichting Rembrandthuis. This foundation was set up specifically for the purpose of renovating the building and providing a worthy setting for the presentation of the master's life and work.

Rembrandt lived and worked here

rembrand hus museum 02An important aspect of the Rembrandt House's appeal is that visitors get a vivid impression of how the painter and his students lived and worked. The house was furnished with period furniture and tools. This makes it possible to gain an authentic insight into people's lives in the middle of the 17th century and to understand under what conditions and with what means great works of art were created.

Every day, the museum staff demonstrates how Rembrandt and his students worked in impressive demonstrations and workshops. They explain in detail which tools were used and show which mixing techniques were used and how printing was done. Visitors are sent on a journey back in time, where they have the impression of being able to look over the shoulder of the great master at his work almost 400 years ago. This experience is further impressively supported by a visit to the living rooms, which are equipped with original furniture and in which changing exhibitions are presented.

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