Inflatable tents on the rise - GT Box at campsite Vienna West

Inflatable tents on the rise - GT Box at campsite Vienna West

Now and then we meet with campers who are already using inflatable tents as roof tent and / or as awning which are so easy "to be built up ready to use", quickly we are in a lovely conversation, especially since we use an inflatable roof tent too, if it goes off the routes for exploring hiking or mountain biking trails within our project.

No heavy tent poles and due to that no large roof load anymore, which are, even with perfect marking and packaging, often difficult to arrange in the construction, but always represent a large, additional load during transport. Much better if you can do without this transport weight during your tours.

We now had the opportunity that the company GentleTent wanted to present their latest model of the GT Box to an interested customer who, due to his buying interest, traveled to Vienna, to look at the structure and if possible to enter into the order afterwards. Even the possibilities of using it as an awning during the upcoming biathlon season was discussed. Another guest of GentleTent named Jace had arrived from Australia, who had come across a product of GentleTent during the long-term trip with his family in Switzerland, and now staying in Vienna for three days thinking and preparing for importing the brands to Australia. A good opportunity for him to experience the construction of the product GT Box live and to attach detailed questions, and then to start developing his additional business. We will continue to accompany this import process as well.

The GT Box - a multi-talented inflatable tent

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_roemer_2_box-vorzelt-2.JPGThe GT Box's description of the company is: a flexible, inflatable awning for cars, buses & motor homes, making the GT BOX the all-rounder within the GentleTent product family. The big advantage of this compact awning lies in its enormous flexibility. We were curious and wanted to follow the structure and explanations on site.
So it was Gernot Rammer, Ceo of GentleTent, who presented his new product: a freestanding inflatable tent, which can be used as a rear tent or as a side awning to expand the space of the camper and thus for different vehicle types of cars, bus, van, motor home or caravan, suitable to all of them. This is possible due to the two connection options, one at its high and one at its low side. While the low side is suitable for connection to cars and buses, the high side is suitable for connection to motor homes, caravans or vans. The GT Box is especially popular with campers who travel a lot and, for example, look for a small kitchen tent that can be easily and quickly assembled and disassembled too.

The connection with which the vehicle and the awning are permanently connected is firmly integrated as piping on both sides of the GT Box. Through the use of zippers, the piping (Keder seize of your own choice) can be opened quickly, so that the vehicle can be used for touring and thus the uncomplicated assembly and disassembly is guaranteed.

Different heights enable universal use of the GT Box

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_roemer_2_box-vorzelt-1.jpgDue to the fixed integration of the car connection on the high and low side of the awning, the connection margins are between 1.55 and 2.36 meters at the low and 1.90 and 2.80 meters at the high side, thus opening the sliding and / or folding doors of the van and so even doors of high mobile homes fit.
Thanks to the unique GT technology of the large-volume air hoses, the GT Box can be built completely free-standing with only a little bracing or fixation on the ground. While the vehicle can make excursions or shopping trips, it can remain on the stand and be used fully closed for parking the camping furniture or carried bicycles. Just a multi-talent.

Jace, too, was thrilled with the fast set-up and dismantling and will soon be taking care of importing and building a sales-promoting network as soon as he returns to Australia, a venture that, due to his family background, which already has a network in camping and camper sales, Offroad vehicles and will certainly open up as an interesting perspective next to the ones already existing.

An interesting afternoon despite the late autumn mood at the campsite Vienna West. Incidentally, the Campsite Vienna West is open all year and is especially in autumn and winter an very good access to the city visit to Vienna.

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