Morović - sleepy small town on Bosut and Studva in Serbia

Morović - sleepy small town on Bosut and Studva in Serbia

As already mentioned in the text about the Christmas market in Alexandroupoli, we had booked into a guesthouse in Morović for the first night of our return journey from Austria, which we had found on the internet.

The very next exit from the Zagreb - Beograd highway, after passing the border with Serbia, about 100 kilometers west of Belgrade, brought us to the pension after another 4 kilometers on the winding country road. For the first time we tried to enter the coordinates directly into our navigation device and lo and behold, the information matched perfectly.

On a dam that accompanies the Bosut River

morović 4Morović lies on the two rivers Bosut and Studva, whose sources are in neighboring Croatia. In the center of Morović the Studva flows into the Bosut, further downstream the Bosut flows into the Sava river. Expansive oak forests begin as early as after Zagreb, which, used for forestry purposes, continue across the border into Serbia. Morović is also surrounded by approx. 22,000 hectares of forest, which consists mainly of pedunculate oaks (also known as summer oaks or German oaks) and is used in furniture and interior design.

As soon as we left the highway we noticed the relatively dense fog on the country road, so we didn't realize that we were driving on a kind of dam that accompanies the Bosut river. Arrived in Morović, we crossed the river to get to the pension. Arrived here, the innkeepers had actually preheated the room and bathroom, so that we could use the premises very well. Only the next morning did we find out that the pension is right on the river bank and even has a jetty. However, in the morning the river was completely covered with a thin layer of ice.

Philip Višnjić's grave in Višnjićevo

morović 2Our research on Morović showed that it must be a very old settlement, which was also confirmed by archaeological research, which found traces of prehistoric life in the area around the village. From later times, the discovery of a Roman cemetery and a large amount of Roman silver money from the middle of the third century is mentioned, and the ruins of a Roman bath are said to exist in Erdevik. One of the later co-founders of the place is said to have been the Serbian Despot Stefan Štiljanović in 1498, who used Morović as his residence until he was expelled to his new exile in Baranya, fleeing from the Ottomans. During our next trip along the former Autoput we will research this in more detail. Other archaeological finds include Gradina on Bosut, the grave of Filip Višnjić in Višnjićevo and the remains of the Roman bath with medicinal water in Erdevik, memorial complex "Sremski Front". The most famous monasteries in the area can be found in Privina glava, churches in Molovin and Morović, Šid, Berkasov.

morović 3One of the most interesting legends related to Morović says that Saint Cyril (Cyril and Methodius), as Archbishop of Pannonia, lived in Morović for a time. Historians assume that Morović took the name from the ancient feudal Morovic family, which had ruled this area since the end of the 13th century. In the beginning Morović was just a property, only in the course of the 16th century it was expanded into a castle - fortress (oppidum, castrum Maroth). On a map of Hungary from the XVI century you can see that the name Maroth is entered. After the Morović family died out, in 1464 King Korvin gave Morović (together with the other 60 places) to his son Ivaniš. Ivaniš Korvin holds Morović until 1503 when he pawned it to the Belgrade captain Vladislav Morea. However, Ivaniš gets it back the following year, but dies in the same year 1504. Morović is returned to Morea.

Morović as Tito's exclusive hunting ground

morović 1In the former Yugoslavia, the region around Morović was Tito's exclusive hunting ground. In the extensive forests, red deer, intestinal deer, roe deer, wild boar, rabbits and partridges are still popular hunting trophies today, so that a certain international hunting tourism could spread. Even today, great importance is attached to the care and management of the extensive area, so that excellent accommodation and catering options are available for the hunting parties. Tito's Jagdlodge with eight guest beds is located in the center of the district.

Morović and its surroundings offer a variety of opportunities in the field of hunting tourism and fishing, because in addition to the two rivers, several canals, ponds and two ponds, surrounded by forest, characterize the landscape. The banks of Bosut and Studva are also perfect for sport hunting. Competitions at European level have been held here since the 1970s. The river waters are rich in fish, so the area is interesting for fishing enthusiasts.

Coordinates: E 44°59′N 19°12′E

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