What about trekking | backpacking in Turkey?

What about trekking | backpacking in Turkey?

On the way back from Konya we stopped at a wonderful place in the mountains near Akseki, about 50 kilometres from Manavgat. There was a small green area with a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains. We were having a drink and a nice piece of cake when suddenly some backpackers appeared.

It had not been usual to see travellers like that until recently it so we started talking to them about their trip and their adventures.

They were from Denmark and had started their trip in Antalya, walking through the mountains learning about the countryside and the people. It was not their idea to climb the higher mountains, just to walk in the sun, to be on their own carrying what they needed.

They told us that there are already places in Turkey where you can join guided tours into the mountains with little equipment, staying in small hotels over night. It is also possible to book trips like this at some travel agencies in Europe.

We have also heard about climbing tours into the high mountains of the Taurus range. Of course these are much safer if taken with a guide licensed by the government. Lots of climbers come to Antalya to scale the 3088 metre high peaks of Kizlarsivrisi in the Beydaslari Mountains.

One of the best ways of relaxing is to walk in the countryside. More and more people are coming to realize this and gradually backpacking is becoming more attractive. Lots of interesting ideas for future trips came to our minds. For instance why not try backpacking for a few days.


Antalya Walking Tours

1. Tour: Panorama Hill of the Lydia Beach. After having breakfast, we will travel to Camyuva, the starting point of our walk, which was once a fishing village. First, we will pass through the forest among the pine trees following the ascending narrow footpath that reaches to Kapei Mountain (305m). When we reach the top, we will find the lighthouse of Kemer. We will be able to see the magnificent Lydian coast line that extends from Antalya to Kemer. We will then descend by a cool and shady path to the port of Kemer and here enjoy the delicious food of the local cuisine as well as the Turkish hospitality.
Climb-up: approximately 350 metres uphill; Climb-down: approximately 350 metres downhill; Distance: approximately 8 km; Walking Time: 2-3 hours.

2. Tour: The Eternal Fire of the Lydia Mountain. Passing through the shady orange gardens and among the pine trees, we will reach the Ulupınar brook and cross the brook by means of a large fallen tree. Then we will walk through a romantic pine nut forest and go through Chimera, the place of the three-headed Dragons. Sailors considered this natural flame as the house of Hephoistos, the God of Fire. Then, we will take another short walk to reach at the final point of our walk, the breathtaking view of the Beydağ Mountains from which we will see the magnificent Gulf of Olympus. This historic place is in the middle of a wonderful natural scene and features the most beautiful beaches of the Lydian Peninsula. We will be able swim here.
Climb-up: approximately 350 metres uphill; Climb-down: approximately 350 metres downhill; Distance: approximately 12 km; Walking Time: 3-4 hours.

3. Tour: The Dream of Laicos from Rhodes. We will start from Çamyuva and arrive at a deserted bay. The pathway goes through the romantic pine nut forest of Phaeselis to the historic ruins and the first Sarcophagi, curling from the bottom of the rocky hills. According to the legend, the founder of this city, Laicos from Rhodes, was asked to choose either cereals or fish as a payment for the land of the shepherds. No matter what his decision was, you will be able to taste both of them at the end of our tour. Following the port route of ancient times, we will arrive at the south-eastern bay, The City of Three Ports. After a short climb and stay at this silent bay, we will be able to have a glance at the fascinating port settlement for the last time before arriving in Tekirova, the final point of our tour. Climb-up: approximately 150 metresuphill; Climb-down: approximately 150 metres downhill; Distance: approximately 10 km; Walking Time: 2-3 hours.

4. Tour: Termessos - the Unconquerable City. Scientists are still undecided why the people needed to shelter on this mountain 1100 meters high, 2000 years ago. However, we will inevitably sense the ambition of the warrior people of this unconquerable, rocky city of Termessos. You will be horrified when you consider the strength of the earthquake which destroyed the huge stones of the Sarcophagi in 300 A.D. Moreover, it is apparent now why Alexander the Great could not capture this great rocky city. Climb-up: approximately 250 meters uphill; Climb-down: approximately 250 meters downhill; Distance: approximately 12 km; Walking Time: 4-5 hours.

5. Tour: A Mysterious Plateau. The starting point for our last walk will be Cedelma, a small mountain village in the middle of the Tahtalı Mountain chain. Firstly, we will pass along a shepherds’ pathway among the peanut and pine trees that smell lovely. Eventually, we will suddenly arrive at a great plateau covered in countless fruit trees and old fig and pomegranate gardens. The wonderful scenery of the Göynük Valley unfolds before us. The old mountain houses decorated with artistic figures give us a glimpse of the past. A short descent takes us to the Altınyaka plain among the trees. At the end of the walk you will experience the Turkish hospitality and the delicious food. Climb-up: approximately 550 meters uphill; Climb-down: approximately 250 meters downhill; Distance: approximately 12 km; Walking Time: 4-5 hours.


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