Household Insurance in Turkey for new Settlers

Household Insurance in Turkey

It doesn't matter if you are the owner of a villa or flat or whether you just have rented it, household insurance offers protection in the following cases:


General fire protection is a necessity for your household insurance. Problems which occur because of smoke and dirt and all the problems caused by the water used by the fire brigade are also insured. The cause of the fire is not important (apart from deliberate arson by yourself). All situations are covered by the insurance. Even if damaged chimneys, cookers or heating systems are the cause of the fire, you are still covered by the insurance.


Fire caused by lightning is also covered. However, if any of your electronic equipment is destroyed by lightning this is not covered.

Damage caused by explosions, e.g. from a gas cooker, are covered. The same is also true if the explosion is at a neighbor?s house.


All problems caused by water which is a part of the normal system in your house (fresh and dirty water, heating system, pipe system), and even rain water, is also covered.

Problems caused by thunderstorms or snowstorms inside or outside of a building or flat are covered.


Flooding due to an increase in water level is also insured.
Earth movements

Problems caused by movements of the earth or subterranean movements are covered.

Vehicles and Aircraft

Problems caused by the collision of any vehicle or aircraft, or any of their parts, with your house or flat are covered.


All the equipment in your flat or house, (furniture, clothing, bikes etc.) is insured against theft when removed from your locked home, even when someone has entered with a duplicate key. Even damage caused by vandalism is included. All art or antiques, furs and electronic goods or optical instruments are also covered. Anything made from noble metal and cash need to be kept in a safe to be covered. Cover for this accounts for about 25 % of the complete premium.

Strike - Lockout - Disturbances - Terrorism

Problems caused by the activities of persons on strike or involved in a lockout, together with those caused by terrorism or other disturbances are covered.

Clearing up

If necessary, and in all the cases mentioned above, all charges for cleaning or repairs will also be paid.

Loss of rent - extra costs due to changing accommodation

If it is not possible in any of the above cases to stay in your home, the insurance will pay an amount based on your rental contract. The maximum payment will be at least 15% of the total insured. It is obvious that the insurance company will want your home to be repaired as quickly as possible to keep their costs low and will demand a completion date.


Owners as well as renters are insured for liability in all cases mentioned above in relation to their neighbors or the owner of their rented property. Cover for this liability will not be more than 15% of the total premium.

Problems caused by earthquake are generally insured, even in cases where damage is caused indirectly by the earthquake.

Broken glass

Broken shop windows, glass in doors or windows as well as mirrors are also insured.

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