Spring is approaching - first camper arrived along Main river

Spring is approaching - first camper arrived along Main river

Although the nights are still pretty cold, the already warming daytime sun lures the first campers back to the Main, here at a small but nice camper stop in Albertshofen.


Whether it is the proximity to the ferry across the Main to Mainstockheim, the small but fine sandy beach that offers a place to dig for the children or the connection to the network of cycle paths through the wine villages along the river, here travelers will find an attractive offer to stay and relax.


The Main ferry "Chris-Tina" is considered a special feature in the region, but it is also true for cyclists and pedestrians as a popular Main crossing between Albertshofen and opposite Mainstockheim.


So it is also a fact that the pre-medieval St. James Way led over the Main here, first as a ford through the river, then later as a crossing by ferry.


The ferry was first called in 1515. The ferryman Cles Vogler lived still within the village fortification at this time, a ferry house outside the walls established later.


During the afternoon walk we came across the well-filled pitch, where sun loungers were already placed on the meadow. Wrapped in jackets, the guests took advantage of the warming sunshine.

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