Winter Sports - Skiing in the Taurus Mountains?

Skiing in the Taurus Mountains

Nobody spending a summer holiday on the beach would believe it, but it is true! There are lots of skiing-resorts all over Turkey. Some of the biggest ones are close to Antalya. There will always be enough snow to guarantee skiing until late spring. 

After enjoying yourself in the snow, you can quickly come down to the beach for a swim, a distance of about 60 kilometers.

The biggest and best skiing resorts in Turkey are about 150 km away from Istanbul at the Uludag near to Bursa. There are blue, red and black slopes with 13 lifts. All necessary equipment can be hired. There are lessons available for beginners as well as the more confident skiers. The mountains are up to 2.500 meters high with snow reaching down into the valleys until the end of March.

Near to Erzurum in the Palandöken Mountains is yet another skiing resort. The mountains reach a height of 3.100 metres. It is possible to take a helicopter trip to the top and down again.

A real find for the true fan is a snow platform at Saklikent, which is about 2.400 metres high, where skiing is possible until May. Again it is only a one hour trip back to the beach for sunbathing or swimming.

Uludağ • Bursa
Palandöken • Erzurum
Kartalkaya • Bolu
Sarıkamış • Kars
Saklıkent • Antalya
Erciyes • Kayseri
Davraz • Isparta
Kartepe • İzmit
Ilgaz • Kastamonu
Bubi Dağı • Ağrı
Elmadağ • Ankara
Yolçatı • Bingöl
Bitlis, Sapgör(Dideban),Rahva • Bitlis
Hazarbaba • Elazığ
Bolkar • Erzincan
Zigana • Gümüşhane
Bozdağ • İzmir



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