Didim - Altınkum - sandy beaches and yacht harbor

Didim - Altınkum - sandy beaches and yacht harbor

Altınkum is a district of Didim and is a small popular resort situated on the Aegean Coast of Turkey. The name of the resort "Altınkum" which means golden sand in Turkish is a beautiful place with three long smooth golden beaches, with a shallow sea for quite a long way out which is ideal for families with children.

The Altınkum main beach has the advantage of having many shops on the seafront like restaurants, textile shops, a pharmacy and much more. The other advantage of the main beach is that there are water sports and activities like sea bicycles, banana boat, ringo boat, jet skiing, diving, fishing, daily boat tours and private yacht or boat tours.

The second beach is located to the left of the Altınkum main beach and is also known as Tuntas (pronounced-Toontash) Beach. It also has a couple of restaurants and water sports available.

The third beach is located just by the Didim Beach Resort Hotel and has a nice beach where you will find small restaurants and some water sports activities also. Furthermore, some restaurants and cafes actually bring your order to the beach.

Moreover, Altınkum is a place where during the day it is a relaxing resort and at it night it comes alive due to the numerous bars and discos in the resort. There are many different types of bars and restaurants whether you are there with your family or friends.

For those that would like to do a bit of sightseeing or go to beaches with a less crowd there are many beaches located along the coast line of Didim and you may want to also visit the beaches in the Akbük, Mavişehir or Yeşilkent districts of Didim.

The local minibuses (called Dolmuş in Turkish and pronounced Dolmush) run constantly, every 5 to 10 minutes, to these points during the summer. Yet, for those that are planning on being in Didim during the low season or winter time should be aware that the local minibuses run less frequently.

New marina with hotel business in Didim

Who loves the port, hotel and boats, will to be happy cause also located nearby. The new marina of Didim, where there is also a beautiful, well-kept and clean hotel next to the brandnew port facilities. Thankfully not a huge hotel complex, rather less room and only on one floor with views over the Marina - unforgettably beautiful!

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