Ürgüp's Local Wine Houses with a long tradition!

Ürgüp's Weinhäuser

We saw very interesting wine house in the centre of Ürgüp whose garden wall was entwisted with many wine bottles. Entry of the house was also attractive.

Wooden racks and full wine bottles ordered in rocky cellar were also amazing. In fact, many items were much more professional.

A woman in her middle ages offered some types of wine which were excellent in terms of quality having drier and fruity aroma, we really liked their taste.     

There, we obtained information about viniculture which is very fertile on the volcanic soil in the Ürgüp region. Here the vineyard isn’t pulled upward as in the traditional vineyards, but rather it is more commonly grown like bushes. These wine distilleries open their doors wide open when visitors arrive and they entertain them, usually they are indicated with a simple “Wine Distillery” sign. There are a lot of small family-owned businesses in the region. There are two big wine distillery and they store wines in the cellar a year and wait for wines to ripen in stone caves Large cellars and storages, which resemble human caves, are dug inside the stone and wines are stored inside these caves. 

Because of the high demand for the region’s wines, they are also buying grapes from Eastern Anatolia now.  
Wine harvest starts in September, so we decide to join the harvest celebrations, which will take place soon.


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