Güney waterfall, unknown natural wonder near Aydin

Güney waterfall, almost unknown natural wonder near Aydin

The Güney waterfall, called Güney Şelalesi in Turkish, is a waterfall in the Denizli province in western Turkey not far from the city of Aydin.

The waterfall has been a protected natural monument since 1994. The waterfall is located near the village of Cindere in the district of Güney and is 70 kilometers from Denizli and 3 kilometers from Güney. Direct access is via a cobblestone street, but the hike from Güney is much more splendid.

Güney waterfall - hardly used by tourists

b_450_450_16777215_00_images_turkey_central_anatolia_gney-wasserfall-3.jpgThe waterfall is known among the locals as an almost hidden natural beauty, the water of which flows down from a height of around 25 meters over mossy stones, tourists are a rarity here. Nature and photography enthusiasts in particular feel at home in the region, which can be reached via narrow forest paths, as they can find a variety of motifs in the mossy stones surrounded by water.

The beautiful landscape that surrounds the waterfall on the Madran Bach awaits nature lovers and tourists with its untouched vegetation and its ice-cold spring water, which flows in both summer and winter.

In the 1960s, a local recreation area was created around the waterfall, until it was registered as a natural monument in 1994 and subordinated to the Ministry of Forestry and Water Management.

A stopover on the way to Izmir or Denizli is always worthwhile.

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