Malatya - former Hethitian Melid

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Malatya (in Hethitian Melid) is the capital of the province of the same name in Anatolia, a really mountainous area. In 2000, it was estimated to have a population of 381.081.Read More

Historical Background

The former Hethitian town of Melid was, at various times, under the control of the Assyrians, Persians, Seljuks, Romans and Byzantines and also belonged to the Seldjuk Empire of Rum. When, in 1243, the Mongolian hordes conquered the town, lots of inhabitants tried to escape to Syria but were caught by the Mongolians and imprisoned.

However, the Metropolitan Dionysos discussed peace terms with the Mongolian hordes so the town could be taken without being plundered. In 1273 the town came under pressure from Arabian conquerors and many inhabitants of the surrounding villages were caught and sold as slaves. In 1516 the Ottomans conquered Melatia.

Very early human settlements have been found near to the town of Arslantepe, where a lot of the archaeological digs show prehistoric buildings from the region.

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