Architect and Project - a friend for different jobs

Architect and Project - a friend for different jobs

Because of the rapid development in tourism and more requests for flats and villas, the duties of the architects have changed. Today clients want modern designed villas and technically equipped flats.

 The architects have to look for new materials which are available and have to introduce them into the building of properties. Quite often there is the question of a design project based on European laws and standards having to be put into practise. Some architects over here have complied with these new duties already and areable to work with them, but please be careful. Even though the help of an architect is little bit more expensive than doing without, you will quickly see a return for your money in the much better quality of service.

An independent architect should control your construction

In Turkey, the rules regarding the permission required for a project are getting more and more similar to European laws and the regulations for construction are also going in that direction. If you decide to buy a plot, you should check at the land registry (Tapu). Just as in Europe, everything is written down here, for instance, whether it is a bank loan or something special regarding the plot, or if somebody has permission to use the plot for something. What and how you are allowed to build on the plot you will find out by checking the Imar plans, which are similar to the official development plans. From this plan you will get the information about the size of the plot, how big the villa can be, how high it can be, how far it must be to the edge or any other restrictions on the plot. 

All registered architects will be able to help you with these questions. Don't be afraid to pay the costs for an architect. He can help prevent much higher costs and can also be quite helpful in getting building permission in general. After you have checked the Tapu and the Imar plan, the architect will work on the project together with a group of engineers to get all the official paper work.

Don't believe anybody who tells you that there isn´t any paperwork needed. Put simply, you need official permission for your construction, you need to have a complete plan of your villa with all the statistical calculations, plus plans for electrical and water supply as well as official plans of the land showing the border lines. There is also something very important: On all the plots research on the likelihood of earthquakes needs to be done by special engineer. If you keep strictly to all the steps required by law, there is no reason not to buy a property in Turkey. But do not forego the help of a registered architect. He is controlled through the tax system, as well as being controlled by the Chamber of Architects and the government and therefore has legal responsibilities. Usually, he is independent of any construction company and should be able to answer all your questions regarding construction. He should be your partner.

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