Caravan Interior Design - Colorful mixed, like daily life

Caravan Interior Design - Colorful mixed, like the daily life

An attractive, well-designed interior is already half a sales success, so a dealer during our tour through the caravan exhibition of the CMT in Stuttgart was explaining.


If the technical equipment meets with the wishes of the customer, the manufacturer's business success should be achieved.


The interior design in the style of so called Gelsenkirchen baroque has long passed since, as one often jostled, the P43 was the most frequently chosen beacon of a well-known manufacturer for the color oak rustic.


It is not so easy to meet the taste of its clientele depending on so many, also fashionable factors, because as individualistic as it can go in one's own home ...


.... it will hardly be possible to do it in the caravan, too much is the supplier and constructor in the pinch between modern interior design, the number of vehicles to be manufactured and the technical requirements and equipment on the other hand.


Several times we could hear that a too colorful interior design of young visitors is praised at the moment, but the restriction followed on the foot: If I would like to look at this design for the next 10 years?


No wonder, that many manufacturers implement an interior designer and also like to use the experience of long-term camper traveller as a useful consultant, .....


..... which is easily visible in many vehicles: the almost perfect symbiosis of design and function is crucial to the purchase.


Large caravan manufacturers use special departments concerned with the development of the interior design, sometimes external agencies are also brought into the boat as a reinforcement or even completely entrusted with the design.


Some manufacturers have very specific ideas about how the finished product should look, others only give a rough direction.


On the one hand, there are the spatial conditions that lead to difficulties. In order to get a feeling for the spatial conditions, the sanitary room is already being recreated in the design studio.


The great proximity of different functions, living area and surfaces present the designers challenges again and again.


What is self-evident at home, namely different furnishings, for example in the kitchen, bedroom or living room, is excluded in the motor home - because this would cause too much optical unrest.


A further difficulty lies in the technical area: it is not enough to develop only one prototype, the components have to be made ready for series production.


It is no wonder, because the manufacturers have to create a balancing act with their housing wrecks: On the one hand, their interior dumping plans should be mass compatible to as many customers as possible, but on the other hand, they must also differ from the competition.


Not an easy thing to do, which often ends with the use of old-fashioned products.

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