Lycian Way - Antalya to Fethiye

Lycian Way - Antalya to Fethiye

Couple of times we have got messages from our readers asking for some more details about backpacking tours in Turkey, especially for the most well known one, the Lycian Way. After some more research we would like to publish couple of details about this beautiful backpacking tour.

After leaving Antalya in direction to Kemer you will quickly find the posts leading to the starting point of this famous walkway all along the Lycian coast by passing parts of the Taurus Mountains until it reaches the ending point next to Fethiye / Ölüdeniz after about 509 kilometers. All along the way you will always meet with the most important sights of Lycia. If you want to do this trip during one stay in Turkey you really should spend half a year of training before already as experts say because it might take about 5 weeks of daily stressful walking. Most of the visitors cannot stay for such a long time and for sure are not in the condition to do this distance in one trip so they split the tour into shorter parts of about 7 – 10 days. One of the most beautiful parts within the Lycian Way is the part between Kalkan and Patara. 

Lot of publications in media, as an example the English “Sunday Times” should be mentioned, are talking about the most beautiful backpacking trip in the world. If you once have decided to do the tour, if completely or in parts, you should always watch for the yellow posts with the inscription “Likya Yolu”. From whatever starting point you may join the way there will be lot of signs of red and white colour leading you further on. If you notice a red cross means you have left the way.

Lot of backpackers use sleeping bags for the night and stay next to the way during the night but in between a couple of small hotels have settled and offer cheap accommodation for the people to stay for the night and have a shower and breakfast in the morning.


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