Adana at the Seyhan River - Turkey

Adana, situated in the middle of the Cukurova Plain, is the fourth largest city of Turkey and the centre of a thriving agricultural area. The city is also known for its textile industry.

The Seyhan River flows through the city with picturesque scenery, and tea gardens and restaurants alongside the Seyhan Dam, where one can admire the magical sunsets over the river in the evenings. The beautiful Seyhan River is spanned by the ancient Stone Bridge which was erected by Hadrian and then repaired by Justinian.

Karatas, with its selection of accommodation and beaches, lies 50 kilometres along the coast to the south of Adana. On the south?eastern coast of Adana, Yumurtalik lies by an ancient harbour and castle which contribute much to the atmosphere of this fishing town.

In the city of Adana, many Roman relics can be seen. The 16th century Great Mosque (known locally as Ulu Camii), Cleopatra?s Gate, the Clock Tower built in 1882, the old covered bazaar and Bedesten are all worth seeing. The Ethnographical Museum where Turkish carpets and many more items are exhibited, and The Adana Archaeological Museum are of interest too.

The most famous traditional dish of Adana is the delicious Adana Kebap.


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