Pretty holiday resort Incekum - next to Alanya

Pretty holiday resort Incekum

Incekum is a pretty holiday resort on the southern coast of Turkey, about 120 km north of Antalya International Airport and 30 km west of Alanya. Most of the big hotels situated in the town offer free pick-up services from the airport.

The town is always shining in the sun and a romantic memorable time awaits you during the brightly lit nights. The word Incekum means "fine sand" in English. It is famous for its sandy golden beaches. It is difficult to find such fine sand anywhere else along the southern coastline of the country. That makes this small town even more worth visiting.

It is especially popular for people who like crystal clear, shallow sea because the water deepens only slowly. Beaches in the town are crowded during the high season. You can lie in the sun on the glittering beaches and feel refreshed in the blue crystal water, or maybe you would like to join in some of the beach activities.

Apart from that, there are stables to be found so that you can go riding, either at the base of the mountains or on the beach.

Along the main road there are all sorts of shops where you can browse and have a look at some traditional Turkish goods.

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