Tobias Woggon - All-Mountain Biker checking Trails

Tobias Woggon - Enduro All-Mountain Biker checking Trails

Our trail checking experiences in Alanya, in Oymapinar and at the Tahtali logically resulted in a number of discussions which we used extensively to exchange our minds and love to share them with you, dear alaturka portal readers.

But that we learned more about the participants of the trail checking as well.

Tobias Woggon began as pure hobby rider on mountain biking, received some confirmation but already his first semi-professional downhill bike was initially his favorite sports equipment which he used during his travels. More and more, however, Tobias acknowledged his preference for the Enduro all-mountain biking, so he ultimately joined the sport events and traveled less.

About 4 years ago Tobias started his own company which he marketed himself as an active mountain biker for advertising photographs and sponsors activities. Of course, he continues to participate in many events and races, if only to keep himself trained. More and more, manufacturer of various bike brands, producers of equipment and clothing manufacturers apeared up to him to make common product advertising shots. Just the combination of the participation in sporting events in connection with promotions contracts secures the lifestyle of Tobias. So Tobias could win the company BMC as the main sponsor, which now endows him annually with the sports equipment, which in the complete equipment in the professional field is at about 10,000, - € a year. The company EVOC is one of the additional sponsors, Tobias could win, they sponsor the bike packs, different backpacks with protectors and the weather clothing.

On our demand for cheaper entry-level versions for beginners, we received the statement that, a sports machine of this type with protective equipment is available for about 3,000 - €. As an extra tip Tobias added that it is possible to get quite good used material from the Internet at the end of a season, professional used material is on sale there worthwhile.

During the winter period Tobias is permanently employed on the Canary Islands, where he shows the island by mountain bike tours to interested mountain bikers. During this period he is teaching young drivers within technique riding seminars, which are well accepted, as evidenced by the number of bookings.

With its 24 years Tobias is an excellent example for all who want to achieve something out of the ordinary and can not be stopped and also obstacles on the path to independence.
We could just thank for the interesting insights views he offered, really great sporting achievements and wish Tobias lot of success for his future, which will hopefully cross our path soon again.

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