Kas - Hiking the village along its alley´s

Kas and Beautiful Beaches

Near the beautiful Taurus Mountains, covered with wild macchia, about 110 miles to the north of Antalya, you will find the still-dreamy, beautiful village of Kaş, situated on a scenic slope. A place to forget all your cares!

As they are one of the most important sights of Kas, you should take time to visit the old village houses with their beautiful, hand carved wooden balconies.

Leather, jewelery and different kind of souvenirs are offered by the salesmen in their picturesque small shops on the ground floors. When visiting the market, you feel as though you are in the original Turkey. Here, tomatoes and figs are on sale instead of cheap jewelery and leather belts.

Just a few meters away, huge, mighty sarcophagi tower over you from their bases. The past is still to be seen north of Kaş. Lots of caves cut into the rocks, which were used as graves and closed off with artistically decorated plaster bricks, inviting you to make a short stop.

Beautiful beaches with peaceful areas are not to be missed in Kas. The most-well known ones are Büyükçakıl and Küçükçakıl. When traveling around Turkey, make time for a break in Kas, a beautiful small village with nice restaurants and a small harbor.

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