Selge / Altınkaya - Köprüçay and Köprülü Canyon

Selge / Altınkaya in Manavgat

Selge as being an old mountainous city in the vicinity of Köprüçay, about 35 km north of Serik and on the southern slopes of the Taurus Mountains, is reached by following the 14 km stabilized road with sharp bends after the Köprülü Canyon National Park. It is supposed that Selge was built by Kalishes.

The city being bound to Pisidia later on had been included in Pamphylian borders. The city chronologically witnessed Lydian, Persian, Alexandrian and Roman controls. The ruins in the city are consisted of the theatre that had been carved into rock, the Stadium and the Gymnasium at the South of the theatre and at the west side an Ionian Temple that has an eagle theme on its roof. 

A historic fountain and an agora are located at the South of the Stadium. By the North of the walls that extend at the southwest part of the city, the Artemis and Zeus Monuments and the Nekropol are located.

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