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Online-Parkgebühren Prüfwebseite

As in many cities in Turkey, it was recognized in Alanya that all cash-strapped cities can be filled with parking fees for cars in the inner cities very well. Although these regulations sometimes appear annoying for the user, they at least have contributed to a considerable improvement of the situation on the roads in Alanya.

Gone now is parking in the second and sometimes even the third row and by that really angry confrontation is finished when the car was blocked by other cars.

Certainly, at first connected with major investments for a functioning registration system and high personnel costs, this investment will be flushed back into the city coffers in long term view. Meanwhile, the parking staff is trained well, that there is a kind helping hand at the arrival or departure of the vehicle. The regulation that for short-term parking, the first 15 minutes can be parked free of charge, can simply be described as consumer friendly. Despite these good services it is still, at least in the main streets, difficult to find a parking space. But this problem is known not only in Alanya.

After finding a parking space, the to-use areas are usually marked on the ground, a parking assistant arrives with his registration device, in which a camera is installed, and noted the vehicle number in the system. Urgent parking customers often do not wait for the appearance of the parking attendant, then the parking procedure has naturalized in the form that the parking ticket is stuck under the wiper blade and will be paid on departure. Here now important is duty of the parking customers to make sure that he / she connects to the parking attendant "logs" that paid his bill and the car ID is deleted from the system. Too often it has been "forgotten", and so there was often a high bill when parking a few days later and too often then the customer could not remember anymore.

parkplatzAgain, there is a good solution now, which we would like to introduce to you with our attentive reader Buschi: the online parking fee website!
By accessing the website you select the city in which you suspect a parking debt by the pull-down menu and by the entry of your car number you obtain information as to whether or not parking debt for your car number is registered in the system. A service that seems worth trying, especially since it also includes the possibility of discovering any debt of parking once you are thinking of buying a car, since the car number is transferred with the vehicle.

To what extent these public accessible database can however agree with the Privacy Policy may be reviewed elsewhere.

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