The Exhibtion Caravan Leisure Travel in Oldenburg

The Exhibtion Caravan Leisure Travel in Oldenburg

The exhibition CFR - Caravan Leisure Travel Oldenburg is an exhibition for caravanning, leisure and travel.

More than 170 exhibitors, coach providers, cycling, tourist destinations, travel agencies, wellness providers, yacht charter and cruise companies provide tips and suggestions on how to plan the best time of year during the CFR exhibtion Oldenburg.
Plan and experience the individual holiday caravan or motorhome. Rental also will be offered in these areas - the CFR Oldenburg offers everything. To facilitate the decision, experts are available at the booths for more information.

Current date:        01/15/2016 - 01/17/2016
Venue:                Weser-Ems Halle Oldenburg
                          Europaplatz 12
                          26123 Oldenburg

Opening times:     every day from 10:00 clock until 18:00 clock
Admission prices:  Day ticket: 7,00 EUR
                           Youth 15 to 17 years old: 3,00 EUR
                           Children under 14 years: free admission

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