Basil the Great - A Christmas Prediction to the Rich

Basil the Great - A Christmas Prediction to the Rich

Basil, once Bishop of Caesarea, today's Kayseri in Turkey, preached very passionately around 330 AD already that the rich should share:

"You say you can not give. You tell to those who ask you, that you do not have enough to share. Your tongue swears that you can not do it, but your hand betrays you, for though it can not speak, the glitter on your finger declares that you are lying. How many people just one  ring of you could be debt-free? How many decaying houses could be repaired? Only one of your chests full of clothes could help a lot of people who are now shivering because of cold. "

We wish all our readers and friends a peaceful and quiet Christmas and hope that the world will finally begin to rethink and wealth will be distributed more equitably. How many of our problems would be solved immediately.

A happy Christmas - team of


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