EKRANI I ARTIT - 25.05 - 27.05.2018 in Shkodër

EKRANI I ARTIT - 25.05 - 27.05.2018 in Shkodër

The second edition of “Ekrani i Artit” is a collaboration between the Art House and “Loschermo dell’arte” film festival in Florence, an international project dedicated to explore, analyze and promote the complex relations between contemporary art.

This year, the program is dedicated to films, documentaries and videos that have been shown in the last edition of “Lo schermo dell’arte”, which celebrated in 2017 its 10th anniversary.

Our special guests will be Silvia Lucchesi, director of “Lo schermo dell’arte”, Leonardo Bigazzi, curator of VISIO European Programme on Artists’ Moving Images, Rä di Martino, director of “Controfigura”, one of the films in program, Driant Zeneli, Albanian artist participating in VISIO 2017 with his video "It would not be possible to leave planet Earth unless gravity existed", musicians Admir Shkurtaj and Giorgio Distante.

The days of the screenings will also be accompanied by music performances, conversations and a book presentation.



Screening program

Friday, May 25 Cinema Millennium

17:00 Opening remarks

17:30 "Equivalent Units"- Danilo Correale, Italy/USA, 2017, 19'

18:00 "Koudelka: Shooting Holy Land"- Gilad Baram, Israel, 2015, 72’

Satuday, May 26 Art House

10:30 Conversation with Rä di Martino, director of the “The Stand-In” Migjeni Theatre

12:30 Music performance by Admir Shkurtaj Cinema Millennium

17:30 "Deep Sleep"-Basma Alsharif, Kuwait/USA, 2014, 12’45''

18:00 “Thomas Hirschhorn: Gramsci Monument”, Angelo A.Lüdin, Switzerland, 2015,94’

20:00 "In Art We Trust"- Benoît Rossel, Switzerland /France, 2017, 85’

Sunday, May 27 Marubi National Museum of Photography

12:00 Book presentation: “Dhoma e Dritshme”(Camera Lucida) by Roland Barthes, translated into Albanian by Zef Paci Cinema Millennium

17:00 "It would be impossible to leave the earth unless gravity existed"- Driant Zeneli, Albania, 2017, 13' 41''

17:30 "Séance"-Yuri Ancarani, Italy, 2014, 30’

19:30 “Controfigura"- Rä di Martino, Italy/Switzerland/France/Marocco, 2017, 75’ Arka Youth Center

21: 30 Concert by Admir Shkurtaj and Giorgio Distante

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