Hobby show what is possible in caravan construction

Hobby caravans show what is possible in caravan construction

DCC Safety Prize 2023 awarded at CMT 2023 in Stuttgart / Caravan Maxia 495 UL receives award.

"The Maxia 495 UL is a reflection of where caravan construction is headed in the future," praised Dieter Albert, President of the German Camping Club, at the presentation of the DCC Safety Prize at the CMT holiday fair.

This caravan shows what is possible in caravan construction today

hobby 1In cooperation with Messe Stuttgart, the club has been recognizing outstanding commitment and pioneering new developments by leisure vehicle manufacturers since 1999, which make holidays safer and more comfortable. This year, the coveted award went to the specialists Hobby from Fockbek in Schleswig-Holstein and the caravan called Maxia 495 UL.

The caravans of the new series are fully equipped vehicles with a smart, modern and varied interior, everything built according to standards and technical rules, according to Albert. "This caravan shows what is possible today in caravan construction without forgoing extensive standard and safety equipment."

Consistent overall impression

hobby 6In the technical test, the Maxia 495 UL gave no reason for complaint, and the structure was also completely convincing. According to the manufacturer, the caravan, which is available from 33,120 euros, scores among other things with storage compartments made of aluminum, an elaborately shaped interior and a large refrigerator.

The DCC caravan consultants were particularly impressed by the sufficient number of lighting elements and sockets as well as the USB charging options. Before the award was given, not only the series itself, but also the production plant was subjected to a critical examination. Result: a coherent overall impression of production and product.

“Our technical experts are made up of active campers,” explained Albert. "So this award is a consumer award that Hobby can rightly be happy about."

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