The 2023 season in the Hessenpark open-air museum

The 2023 season in the Hessenpark open-air museum

The new museum season begins on March 1st in the Hessenpark open-air museum. Hessenpark will then be open again daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. until the end of October.

The museum, which was almost able to match its pre-Corona guest numbers last year, has big plans for the new season. "The calendar of events is well filled and we will open a number of new attractions," promises museum director Jens Scheller. Events In addition to the popular classics such as the plant market, tractor meeting point, harvest festival, apple days and advent market, new event formats are also on the program in 2023. Right at the start of the season, a plant and seed exchange will take place on March 5th. Harvesting seeds yourself, using them and passing them on to the next generation was part of garden culture before there were seed companies. With this event, the Hessenpark would like to do justice to its ark function and revive the culture of diversity.

hessenpark 2023 4The apple wine festival on May 21 is also about variety. Hessen is famous for its apple wine culture. In many private cellars, delicious, home-made stuff matures over the winter. And smaller manufacturers produce specialties such as Secco, single-variety apple wines or sparkling wine from regional apples. Producers and fans of such specialties can get to know and taste the variety of regional products at the apple wine festival. A colorful holiday program awaits museum guests during the Easter, summer and autumn holidays, and every Sunday at 3 p.m. there is a public tour for anyone who would like to get to know the museum even better. Special exhibitions From March 19, the exhibition “Dark and clear. Our daily water?” Water accompanies us, consciously or unconsciously, in all areas of life. As the most consumed beverage, it keeps people healthy. In clean form it is used for cleaning. Industries cannot do without water, and in the leisure sector, cool water is indispensable. The exhibition shows visitors the diverse importance of water in everyday life. The traveling exhibition is a project of the exhibition group "Everyday - Work - Initiation - Departure" and was designed by the LVR open-air museum in Kommern. An interactive rally invites you to explore the element of water in the exhibition. The collection of the open-air museum has been strengthened: The everyday culture collection of the

Hessian State Museum in Darmstadt.

hessenpark 2023 1The special exhibition “Especially Everyday! Takeover of the collection from the Hessian State Museum in Darmstadt to the Hessenpark Open-Air Museum" shows the variety of the objects taken over from April 29 in the house from Gemünden Wohra. The stock is exemplarily represented by different subject areas such as living, advertising, hygiene and war. In 12 chapters from "Particularly clean?" to "Particularly unique!", selected individual items such as artistically painted Easter eggs, a toilet bowl or a cooking box are accessible. From April 16, the new special exhibition in the Fotohaus is dedicated to a single-lens reflex icon from the 1960s. The Nikon F is a camera that decisively shaped reportage photography in the 1960s - and thus our image of that time. Photographs that captured moments of world events in magazines such as Stern were taken with the Nikon F. The robust camera with a wide range of expansion options was popular with many photographers. In addition to the technology, the exhibition also shows photos taken with the Nikon F by the well-known Stern photographer Volker Hinz. Current projects In the Mittelhessen building group, the renovation of the house in Sterzhausen is about to be completed after many delays. As soon as the building is ready for occupancy, it will house the redesigned permanent exhibition on the settlement of expellees in Hesse after 1945.

hessenpark 2023 2Over two floors, it mainly tells of the arrival and integration of homeless people in Hesse. The museum has researched numerous fates of those affected and eyewitnesses in recent years. These personal stories and examples from Hesse accompany you through the exhibition. They illuminate the challenges of arriving in a strange world. The development of so-called displaced persons industries in Hesse is also discussed. The Bohemian glass industry in the Taunus and the manufacture of musical instruments in Nauheim serve as examples of this. A new project in the Rhine-Main building group also deals with the subject of flight and expulsion. The leap into modernity is imminent there. In addition to the depot at the Weinberg, four accommodation containers for refugees will be set up over the course of the year. They come from a container accommodation that stood in the An den Drei Hasen commercial area in Oberursel until 2016. The complex consisted of 64 individual containers and had up to 120 residents at the same time. In the 1990s, refugees from the Yugoslav wars, but also from Syria and Afghanistan were housed here. In addition to the containers, the museum was also able to take over the remains of the facility. These should make the living conditions comprehensible in a new permanent exhibition. The Jäger residential building is located in the Rhine-Main building group and will be given a new interior over the course of the year: the new permanent exhibition in the so-called Taunushaus is dedicated to one of Germany's favourite pastimes. The German low mountain ranges have been popular hiking destinations for all age groups, and not just since the Corona Pandemic.

hessenpark 2023 3Hiking clubs like the Taunusklub play an important role, for example for the trail markings. In future, the exhibition will show how route planning and equipment have changed over the past few decades, how the Taunus Club has developed and which excursion destinations in the Taunus are particularly popular. The history of the house from Neu-Anspach and its residents is also examined. The motorcycle brand Horex will be 100 years old in 2023. On this occasion, the Hessenpark open-air museum, in cooperation with the Horex-Club Taunus in the North Hesse building group, will be presenting historical machines, insights into the company's history and an overview of the motorcycle culture of the last century from May. The setting is the house from Holzhausen, which is now accessible to guests for the first time. There is also news in the Südhessen assembly group. After the half-timbered model house served as a demonstration construction site in recent years, it is finally to be completed in 2023. The exterior of the building shows a carefully restored wooden construction with decorative forms typical of the time and different infill materials. An attached conservatory expands the living space. Inside, those interested in half-timbered houses will be able to find out how modern living standards can be realized in a historic half-timbered house. In addition, presentations and open components address questions relating to the revitalization, renovation and energetic upgrading of historic half-timbered houses. Construction measures In the courtyard from Niedergemünden, the extensive renovation work continues. The facade renovation with a thermal insulation composite system is on the agenda for the country hotel on the market square.

hochzeit hessenparkcAnd in the Central Hesse building group, a barrier-free toilet facility will be built by the summer. The design goes back to the internationally renowned architect Jochem Jourdan from Frankfurt. He developed a design typology for the functional buildings in Hessenpark, which is now being used here for the first time. New admission prices Hessenpark is starting the 2023 museum season with a new price model. Adults will pay 11 euros in future, families with up to four children 22 euros. Half a family ticket is available for 11 euros. "Due to the corona losses and the significantly increased costs for energy, personnel and construction work, this price adjustment was unavoidable," explains Jens Scheller. The last increase was in 2018. "Of course, we continue to stand for a social price model," emphasizes the museum director. "The Hessenpark remains a museum for everyone." That's why the tickets for children, trainees, students and people on basic security still only cost one euro. The following applies to all guests: The "trial visit" in the afternoon is even more attractive, because the after-work rate now takes effect half an hour earlier. In the high season from March to October, tickets are half price from 3:30 p.m., and in the winter months from 2:30 p.m.

And for International Museum Day on May 21, there is a completely free Sunday in the middle of the main season. Jens Scheller and his team are looking forward to the new season: "After the unexpectedly large number of guests in 2022, we hope that 2023 will be at least as successful," explains the museum director. "We have so many new attractions in the pipeline, all of which have been postponed to the new museum season due to construction delays - so there are more than enough reasons to visit Hessenpark." His big guided tour for the 2023 museum season is on the program at 3 p.m. on March 14. A look behind the scenes attracts many interested visitors, who learn first-hand about the highlights of the Hessenpark year that await them. The new prices at a glance: Adults: 11 euros Groups of 10 or more: 9.50 euros each Groups of 40 or more people: 8 euros each Family ticket¹: 22 euros / half family ticket²: 11 euros Children (up to 5 years): free Children (from 6 years), pupils, students and volunteers: 1 euro recipients of basic security: 1 euro people with disabilities (with ID): 5 euros

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