Bursa: President Erdogan more Ottoman-style buildings

Bursa: President Erdogan wants more Ottoman-style buildings

Last but not least, the protest actions around Gezi Park in Istanbul, which, in addition to the protests due to the rigid style of government of the AKP by Prime Minister Erdogan, also had something to do with the planned development of Gezi Park, made it clear that buildings in the Ottoman-Seljuk style were preferably used as part of the city redevelopment style are to be built.

Although the motto of the nationwide city rehabilitation program is earthquake protection.

osmanischer stil 3 it is also clear, as became clear in Istanbul, that a building in the style of an Ottoman barracks was to be erected here, where the prime minister, who values aesthetics, wants to go:

This is how the historic city of Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, preserved an Ottoman-Seljuk appearance.

As part of Turkey's urban renewal program, which the AKP is pushing ahead with at a rapid pace, a total of 335 public buildings and 87,628 houses in 46 provinces are to be demolished and replaced with new buildings. All of the buildings mentioned are considered to be in danger of collapsing due to the earthquakes that occur, this applies to both the supporting structure and the facades.

osmanischer stil 2During a speech in Bursa, Prime Minister Erdogan said: "We don't want houses that look like matchboxes". In the future, great attention should be paid to the aesthetic component of new planning. From 1324 to 1453 Bursa was the capital and seat of government in the Ottoman Empire. The government will resurrect Bursa in Ottoman-Seljuk style.

The construction of skyscrapers will be strictly prohibited in the future, Erdogan continued, "So far 21 buildings have been demolished in Bursa. In another seven districts, 30,000 accommodations will be demolished and 40,000 new accommodations will be built in seven phases.

osmanischer stil 4A total of around 10 billion US dollars is to be spent on the renovations, so that a large number of construction companies are already queuing to receive the coveted orders.

A large number of foreign companies are also applying for the construction contracts. From Germany, it is particularly the demolition and dismantling companies who want to participate in the orders because of their experience.

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