Main Cycle Path - from Albertshofen to Marktsteft

Main Cycle Path - from Albertshofen to Marktsteft

Wonderful early summer weather lures people outside, if possible into the green nature of the surrounding area. So it is not surprising that the many places for mobile homes on the Main near Kitzingen are largely occupied.

In addition to many local campers, you will find license plates from all regions of Germany and neighbouring countries. In connection with the local license plates, we were of course interested in the question of the meaning. Why does a Kitzinger camper use the pitch in Mainstockheim? The answer was often the same: We use the mobile home as a base for our weekend trips as a cycling holiday along the Main.

First German long-distance cycle path with five stars

mainradweg 6And right! The Main and the cycle paths along the Main form a real El Dorado for cyclists. It's not just the approximately 600-kilometer-long Main Cycle Path that attracts people, it's above all the quality of the cycle paths and their routing, as we should find out for ourselves. In 2008, the General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) awarded the Main Cycle Path five stars as the first long-distance cycle path in Germany. According to the ADFC, 90% of the cycle path leads through natural and scenic areas. Furthermore, 90% are paved and at least 77% of the bike route is wider than 2.50 meters, so that it is safe to talk to the next driver while driving. Only one side of the river is signposted, even though the Main bank is partially bikeable on both sides.

This seal of quality guarantees maximum enjoyment of the cycle tours and on the way many unforgettable impressions await the cyclists - and above all very different travel landscapes. The romantic Franconian Switzerland, the original Fichtelgebirge and the magnificent Franconian Forest, the wide Upper Main Valley-Coburger Land, the diverse Steigerwald, the idyllic Haßberge and the sun-drenched Franconian wine country, the fairytale forest areas in the Spessart-Mainland and the varied Hessian Untermain.

mainradweg 5The Main Cycle Path begins at the source of the White Main at the Ochsenkopf near Bischofsgrün and parallel to the source of the Red Main in Creußen. After about 50 km each, the two arms of the source unite at Kulmbach to form the Main. From there, the Main Cycle Route continues via Bamberg, Schweinfurt, Würzburg, Aschaffenburg, Hanau, Offenbach and Frankfurt to the Rhine in Mainz-Kastel, which is opposite the centre of Mainz. It is a real pleasure to follow its winding path from the two springs to the mouth - the wonderful Franconian and Hessian landscapes along the way with their regional peculiarities ensure this. The constantly changing landscapes, the diverse art and culture discoveries along the way and the gentle route make the almost 600-kilometer route a pleasure cycle path par excellence.

mainradweg 2In many places, special tours are possible, which can be undertaken as daily stages from individual locations. So it is not surprising that a large number of campers or mobile homes are equipped with bicycle racks on which the "bicycle" leisure device can be easily transported. The mobile home becomes the base camp for cycling trips. And it is just as unsurprising when local residents then drive out into the countryside with their campers, bikes with them, to spend the weekend on the banks of the Main. The bikes are quickly made strong and the first tours are started.

And how interesting and diverse the views and experiences are along the way, we should experience for ourselves on some of the stages, which we will describe in the coming articles. First of all, however, it was time to get to know the surrounding area by bike.

From the beach in Albertshofen to the outskirts of Marktsteft

mainradweg 3We started our first exploration tour on the sandy beach of Albertshofen. Yes, you read that correctly, there is a small sandy beach right next to the ferry to Mainstockheim, which is also used a lot by residents. A small bay in the Main is used for swimming and splashing about. Immediately afterwards there is a small parking space for mobile homes. Diagonally opposite on the other side of the Main in Mainstockheim there is a larger camper pitch.

We use the marked path along the Main in the direction of Kitzingen, past extensive fields where cabbage, asparagus and cut flowers are planted. A partly quite colorful picture against the background of the forest. In the bend of the river, some water areas, which are partially connected to the Main, form natural flood protection as overflow areas. Now in summer you can also see bathers at one of the lakes. A short photo stop, then we continue.

A little later we have reached the outskirts of Kitzingen. Below the north tangent bridge there is a long parking space for mobile homes that seems to be fully booked. Then a fenced area that blocks our way, yes, that's right, it's the soccer World Cup and public viewing is also very important in Kitzingen. There is a large area on the bleach wastes where a large screen is set up. A little later we reach the old, stone Main Bridge, which also invites us to take a short tour of the city centre. Today a pure pedestrian bridge, the Main Bridge connects the district of Dingehausen with the city centre.

mainradweg 4After a delicious ice cream, we continue the way. Opposite is a Main steamer waiting for its guests. Behind the old synagogue and the municipal museum. Down the river comes one of the huge hotel ships, whose apartments are equipped with large sliding doors on the river side, so that each has its own balcony in front of it. Also an interesting way to enjoy the river and countryside.

A little later we reach the Maininsel, where today the municipal outdoor pool Aqua Sole is located. The Kitzinger campsite "Schiefer Turm" is also located here.

We pass a small commercial area, albeit in the countryside, then we reach state road 2271, which we first follow to Hohenfeld. Here the bike path leads away from the noisy street almost back to the Main. Lying on the other side of the river, we pass the village of Sülzfeld and a little later Marktsteft, where we decide to turn back.

A first glimpse of a tourist cycling holiday, which is also recommended for weekend trips along the Main. We will do more tours, because we liked the landscape as well as the culture very much, despite only a short stage on the Main Cycle Path.

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