Hiking explorations within our project

Hiking explorations within our project

We had arranged to meet with Rino, the owner of the campsite of the same name next to the lake, to make explorations regarding further hiking trails that could be offered for guided tours or topics to an interested audience for hiking the hinterland of Kalishta.


Following his suggestion, we were driving to a mountain village called Milodeshta, which was at about 1,100 meters above sea level not far from Lake Ohrid. Already halfway up we had stumbled upon this flock of sheep, which was guarded by a shepherd and his sheep dog.


As already observed in the villages above Ohrid, many buildings here were also to decay, because only the barren agriculture and low income by a little wood trade hardly allow survival.


At the edge of the village we came across this small group of horses that was further used for transportation of the timber from the mountain.


We were extremely friendly invited for a coffee with home-brewed Raki by the present group of lumberjacks, but they quickly had to continue their work after a first conversation.


How difficult it is to survive in the villages is impressively shown by this building where three generations of Macedonian Albanians live, no wonder that many people prefer the problematic migration to the Northwest of Europe.


This man proudly showed us this magnificent horse, which is said to have Indian ancestors to his information in North America. No way to let this horse into wood transport he said.


Work needs to be continued. Horse leader and the horses quickly came over again after getting water from the spring. We as well started to explore at least first part of possible hiking route. Quickly another idea was born: why not also offering a accompanying lumberjack tour.


Maybe one or the other outdoor activists amongst our readers is interested? Please, let us know! This would enable the move up to the mountains, the loading of the horses and the return transport as well as an attractive tour into the mountains.


Even that would certainly be a viable solution for recreation in an individual way that would allow the people of the region to gain a little extra income.
We would be happy to give your ideas to the highly motivated residents.


The idyll can not be fooled about the real problems of our time. That is why tourist assistance would be welcome.


With relatively little effort genuine stone houses could be used for accommodation, people could get some protection from the weather, which next to it, would ultimately protect cultural property and richness.


The group of forest workers quickly came up with their horses, for a long time you could follow their path with reference to the noise.


We had made a first section, when we came across this ancient cemetery with Ottoman graves. Our tour guide had drawn attention to an open space in which it is allegedly said to be a burial ground from Illyrian times. The terrain was respected and never anyone built something on this area.


A first lumberjack with heavy load on the horse came back to the village. Of course, one could only feel sorry for the animals, but what should people do?


Whether digging for "gold" actually is an alternative? Located in the village on a circular hill it suspected a place of worship that is excavated by young villagers. Definitely illegal, but if successful, who cares?


Our tour was full of new knowledge and it should go back to the campsite. A few days ago we had noticed the forest fire which could be seen from the lake. It could be stopped here, fortunately, because of the road corridor.


We would be delighted to hear about your ideas of a lumberjack-tour where you can at least participate actively: please send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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