The Main at Ochsenfurt - frozen - shipping impossible

The Main at Ochsenfurt - frozen - shipping impossible

After a few days of permanent frost, a thick and partly stable ice layer could have formed on most of the standing waters, but even on flowing waters.


In the shipping industry, the strong ice flow on even the rivers, like here at Ochsenfurt on the Main, causes problems, because nothing is possible anymore.


Several of the busy waterways in Germany are currently no longer navigable.


Due to the cold weather, the Main-Danube Canal and the Mittelland Canal were closed to full-length for shipping.


The Elbe has been closed since Tuesday from the Czech border to Hamburg for shipping.


More than 80% of the river between Saxony-Anhalt and Hamburg are now covered by ice floes, which make it impossible to pass by ships.


What takes away daily income is another natural spectacle for the other. Ducks and campers seem to enjoy the spectacular nature!


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